Friday, 13th May 2016
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Learning in the Lower School

Year 6 said goodbye to their New York friends last Saturday morning, and this Saturday they will say hello again! They venture over to New York on a flight VS111 to JFK on Saturday morning. We wish them well. The key to this reciprocal programme is the friendships that blossom across the ocean. A parent sent me a lovely photo of her children with their American buddies from last week which just epitomises the special relationships that develop.

You can follow our Year 6 students on their adventures in New York here:

Year 1 and Year 3 went to Kew Gardens as part of their studies on Plants and Rainforests respectively. Year 3 attended a rainforest workshop and learnt how to measure the air humidity, the moisture in soil, and the temperature of the soil. They asked lots of questions and learnt how plants survive in such an environment. Year 1 had a workshop about plants and they went around Kew identifying different plants by their colour, shape, flowers, and leaves. It was a lovely way to complete their unit about plants.

Year 2 had a great time visiting the Science Museum. They got to meet Isaac Newton who talked with them about forces, specifically pushes and pulls. They also learnt more about light linking in with their Unit of Inquiry this term.

Year 5 had a lovely, action-packed assembly where they shared their learning- featuring the Water Cycle, their time at Flatford Mill, their Migration Unit, and some detailed poetry. The students demonstrated high levels of understanding and independence and they presented their research with clarity and maturity.

I would like to give a special mention to Miya in Y4 who became the first recipient of a Sparky Lion this year. She has received 15 Sparkies over the academic year for demonstrating a large range of skills and attitudes such as being caring, collaborative, independent and creative. Well done Miya!

Super Question and Language of the Week

Super Question

This week our super question was to find out What is the nickname for New York city? Noy in Year 3 was correct stating that it was called The Big Apple. A special mention to Ethan in Year 3 who also knew that the nickname for London is The Big Smoke. Both of those young men got a sparky for being knowledgeable.

Next week the Super Question is What is the name of the English Broadcaster and naturalist that has made literally hundreds of documentaries about Science and Planet Earth, he has just celebrated his 90th birthday?

Language of the Week
Our language of the week next week will continue to be Tagalog.

More News

Teacher Appreciation
A subcommittee of the Parent Association came to visit the school on Tuesday to present a Teacher Appreciation Assembly. They had videos of the students speaking confidently about what they like about the Lower School staff. All of us were touched by the generous comments and statements. Saying thank-you is often overlooked - and we appreciate that the students and Parent Association spent the time to share their feelings about the Lower School.  We hope to share a video of the events that took place.

Our Kitchen Team at Dwight were very pleased to announce that they successfully passed a European Safety Bureau Health and Safety Inspection recently,  with a staggeringly good 95.6% approval rate. They are very pleased, and it is good to know of their success. We want to pass on our congratulations.

Book Fair
Our bi-annual Book Fair starts next week. It will be based in ECO 1 and sales will take place after school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. It is worth noting that 50% of book sales go directly to the Lower School library enabling Mrs. Mastoridis to purchase more books and resources that reflect our Units of Inquiry and the many different nationalities and cultures represented in our school.

Major Diary dates for this term (more details to follow)




Year 1 to Year 6

Prize Giving and Talent Show

Thursday 26th May

All of Lower School

Sports Day

Thursday 9th June

Whole School

Summer Fair

Saturday 18th June

Upcoming Events

Saturday, 14th May
Year 6 depart for New York

Tuesday, 17th May
Book Fair begins in Eco 1
9am, Year 2 Assembly

Thursday, 19th May
9am, Kindergarten and Reception Assembly



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