Dear Parents,

It is time for your child to show off their sporting prowess at the annual Sports Day. This event will take place at the school playing fields located at Dale Green Road, London, N11 1DN on Thursday, 9th June.

All of the students are to go directly to the field in time for a 9.00am start. The Lower School will be closed on this day, and there will be no coaches transporting anyone to the field. Students who normally take the school bus will be dropped off at the field by the driver. Tea, coffee and cakes will be provided from 8.30am for all parents in attendance. At 9.00am, all students should be with their classroom teacher in their year group tents in order to get their name marked off the register. At 9.15am, an opening ceremony will take place and the events will begin shortly afterwards. Please note that we are asking the students to bring their own snacks to Sports Day this year. Additionally, instead of the students receiving a packed lunch, we will be having a BBQ for all staff, students and parents.

To view the programme of events, please click here.

Lower Primary School (K1 – Year 2) will commence their events at 9.30am and should finish at approximately 11.00am. After these students have finished, they will be dismissed into the care of their parents and are free to go home. Should they wish to watch the Upper Primary School (Years 3 – 6) students take part in their events, they will need to be in the care of a parent or guardian. For students taking the school bus home, supervision will be provided by staff until the end of Sports Day. Lower Primary students will be allowed to eat lunch at 11.00am before the Upper Primary students.

Upper Primary School students will compete in six rotational athletic events which will start at 9.30am, to view the events schedule, please click here. These rotational events will conclude at approximately 11.30am when all students have their lunch break. After the students have a 30-minute lunch break, traditional track events will begin at 12.00pm, to view the track events schedule, please click here. They are expected to be finished by 1.45pm. Afterwards, students will eat their snack and then the presentations will commence at 2.15pm. Students will be dismissed by their class teacher at 2.30pm. Please ensure that you arrive at the field in time to collect your child, as there will be no coaches transporting anybody back to school. Students who regularly take the school bus will travel as normal from the field. Students who are travelling by bus should inform their class teacher of their arrangements. There will also be no clubs on this day.

Each child is designated a house and they should come dressed in a shirt of their house colour:
Inventors = blue; Discoverers = green; Explorers = red

Please ensure that your child wears the appropriate colour t-shirt on Sports Day. If you are unsure of what house your child is in please contact your class teacher. Students must also wear shorts and training shoes on this day. Students should have clothes packed for all weather conditions (I.e. hats, sunscreen, waterproof gear, jumpers, etc.) and must also bring a water bottle! They will be able to fill up their water bottles at the fields when needed. If possible, please label all of your child’s belongings clearly.    

Please be advised of the limited parking spaces available at the field. There will be a car park usher on the morning of Sports Day to ensure that all cars are in the designated parking area. As parking will be at a premium, and events will need to run on time, there will only be certain times when parents will be able to leave the field– during the Upper Primary lunch break from 11.30am until 12.00pm, and during the afternoon break from 1.45pm until 2.15pm. The running track will need to be clear of cars at all times, as it will be an emergency exit route.

If Sports Day needs to be cancelled due to bad weather conditions, school will open as a normal day and Sports Day will be held on Friday 10th, June instead. You will be notified by Clarion call if this is the case.

Please speak to your child’s teacher or myself should you require further information or have any questions regarding Sports Day. Your support of this event is encouraged and appreciated, so your attendance is most welcome. I look forward to seeing you on the day!   

Thank you and kind regards,

Geoff Cusack

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