Friday, 20th May 2016
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September 2016 - Residential trips

As part of our IB education, we are including outdoor education trips for all students in the Upper School, with the exception of M5 who will benefit from an extended focus on their Personal Projects.

These three-day residential trips create an ideal context to develop the characteristics of the IB Learner Profile as well as providing an opportunity for our students to bond with newcomers in their cohort and to practise teamwork and problem solving. M1-M3 will be on a Bushcraft trip where they will learn survival skills, including cooking and first aid, M4 will be involved in outdoor adventure activities on a PGL programme and the Diploma students will be focusing on getting to know each other through outdoor activities and team building exercises.

Outdoor education is an integral part of our curriculum and all students are expected to attend. Please note that you will be invoiced for these trips along with the Autumn term fees.

Whilst the other year groups are on these residential trips it creates the perfect environment for the M5 students to work on their Personal Projects which will be their focus during this time.

Language Acquisition Penpals

Some students of  M2, M3, and M4 Spanish are currently taking part in a letter exchange with a school in Marbella, in the south of Spain. They have already received two letters and the exchange is proving a very positive experience. Students are getting to know each other in what could be considered an old-fashioned way. They are really taking to it and some of the letters are quite artistic. Some students are exchanging little presents already (stickers, drawings…) and we look forward to the next round of letters. Well done to all students involved! ~ Mr. Sanchez

A huge “BRAVO” to our M1 students, who have replied to their French pen pals!

The letters are absolutely fantastic: excellent writing together with colourful and pleasant drawings, pop-ups and even a Chelsea brochure! Every letter highlights the care that every single student put whilst replying. One of my favourite moments during the entire process was to witness their surprise, curiosity, and enthusiasm whilst reading the letters received.  M1 once more we are proud of your fabulous attitude towards learning! ~ Mrs. Veschi and Mr. Betend

Personal Projects and Extended Essays
M4 and D1 students now know who their supervisors are for the Personal Project and Extended Essay respectively. They should be making contact with their supervisors so as to ensure a smooth start to the process.

Internal assessments
As a reminder, M1 to M3 students will be completing their timed assessments within the scheduled week. This week provides further evidence of attainment, and also gives the students experience of timed assessment situations. It does not, however, provide the only data used to determine the final grade. Rather, the final grade is determined through a consideration of assessment data gathered throughout the grading period.

M4, M5, and D1 have study leave during the week of June 6th to June 10th and need only attend school when they have assessments.

Below is the schedule for M4 and M5:


Lessons 1 and 2

Arrive at school by 08.30

Lessons 3 and 4

Arrive at school by 10.45

Lessons 6 and 7

Arrive at school by 13.25


M4 Art - 2 hrs

M5 French - 1 hr - paper 1

M5 Lang & Lit - 1hr

M4 Drama

M4 Maths - 2 x 1hr Papers 1 and 2


M4 Spanish/Mandarin - 1 hr - paper 1

M4 Individuals and Societies - 1hr

M4 Music

M5 Spanish/Mandarin - 1 hr - paper 1


M4 French/English B - 1 hr - paper 1

M5 Spanish/Mandarin - 1 hr - paper 2

M5 French - 1 hr - paper 2


M5 Maths - 2 x 1hr Papers 1 and 2

M4 Spanish/Mandarin - 1 hr - paper 2

M4 Science - 1 hr 30 mins


M5 Art - 2 hrs

M4 Lang and Lit - 1 hr

M4 French/English B - 1 hr - paper 2

M5 Science - 2 hrs

Year 6 meeting
On 24th May, we are hosting another in our series of meetings with Year 6 families to assist the transition process to Upper School. This will be at 6.00pm in the Dwight Cafe and a child minding service will be available. Our Subject Leaders will be there to offer detailed information on specific subjects.

Summer Fair
The Parent Association is now working hard on organising the Summer Fair to be held on Saturday, 18th June. As ever we would welcome used uniform donations. This is to be sold on the day. Please bring washed uniform items to the Dwight building and hand them in at the front office.

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