Friday, 27th May 2016
Early Years Newsletter

This Week's News from Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

We have had another busy half term learning about life-cycles. We can’t believe how quickly the year has gone and here we are about to move into our final half term!

This week we:

  • continued to observe our chicks. We noticed they are bigger and that they have feathers growing on their wings. They are very greedy and enjoy eating their chicken crumb! We even took them outside for a bit of sunshine.
  • noticed that our tadpoles are growing back legs. Exciting times!
  • did observational paintings of the chicks, thinking carefully about the colours we could see. The results are hanging up in the classroom and they look great!
  • KG 2 have been reviewing all of the sounds we have learnt so far: s,a,t,p,i,n,m and d. We played ‘Buried Treasure’ and lots of the children are reading CVC words already - WHAT SUPER STARS! (
  • introduced the use of real tools in our outdoor area. The children were given a safety briefing and are now happily hammering nails into wood and sawing branches with hacksaws. They know they must wear safety goggles before touching the tools.
  • counted forwards and backwards and started to think about the number that is one more or less than a given number. We played a game where we rolled two dice and added the total number of spots.
  • played some shape lotto games and made pictures using 2D shapes.
  • started learning races for our sports day including the wheelbarrow race, obstacle race and bean bag rac
Next week is half term. Please have a lovely break - don’t forget you can send us photos of the things you do during the holiday and we can talk about them with the children when they return.

  • Sports Day is on Thursday, 9th June at the school sports ground.

Ms. Tomlin, Mrs. Voica, Miss. Olver, Mrs. Psaras


This Week's News from Reception




Dear Parents,

This week we have:

  • learnt to double numbers up to 10 + 10 using different objects.
  • completed a doubling puzzle to help us remember the numbers.
  • halved numbers and objects.
  • made Playdoh ladybirds, then drawn a line down the middle and put on the double spots.
  • painted pictures of the chicks looking at their features.
  • observed how the chicks have changed as their feathers are now starting to grow.
  • practised races for sports day.
  • discussed rules for handling chicks and why they are important.
  • labelled parts of a chick using a picture and wrote the captions.
  • used Numicon to find double numbers, put them together to find the total.
  • halved numbers using our own shoes as objects to count and cover half.
  • explored building in the garden with swimming pool noodles.
  • hammered nails into pieces of wood in the garden.
  • reviewed Phase 3 letter sounds air, ure.

Extended Curriculum

  • Explore halving by dividing a quantity into two groups and then cover one group and count how many in half.
Coming Up
  • Sports Day - 9th June at the Dwight School sports field.
  • Summer Fair - 18th June
  • Trip to Golders Hill Park - June 22nd.

Have a good half term break!

Mrs. G Weber    Miss C Pitts    Mrs. D Fawbert


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