Friday, 27th May 2016
Lower School Newsletter

Learning in the Lower School

This week we celebrated many successes in the Lower School via our Prize Giving and Talent Show on Thursday. Our Prize Giving ceremony rewarded those children who had improved the most across the IB Learner Profile. Congratulations to Thiago, Eliza, Zee, Kazuki, Will Jan, Alex B, Rebecca, James, and Aadi, all of whom won a £5 book voucher. Our Talent Show showcased many Sparks of talent that the students had practiced. We were treated to poetry, music, violins, guitars, pianos, singing, magic and even a ventriloquist! Well done to Raoul, Riki, Ivan, James, Charlie, Haruki, Belia, Clara, Will, Noah, Ines R, Callum Gali, Rony and Iria for entertaining us all.

On Friday, 27th May  the Lower School supported WWF and had a Wear It Wild Day. The purpose of the day was to heighten the students' awareness of the need to protect wild animals and endangered species. The students came to school wearing a wide assortment of “wild clothing” and so did the staff!  It was a lot of fun, it raised money and it was for a good cause.

Collaboration is a key skill across our school and this was perfectly illustrated by our mosaic. Our mosaic has been put together by every single child from the Lower School under the guidance of our Art teacher Mrs. Boughton AND three impressive and sensible  Upper School students. It was completed last week (and is very heavy!) We hope to display it in the Lower School very soon.

The EAL and English B students from the Upper and Lower School enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Museum of London on Friday, 27th May. The Upper School students were excellent mentors for our Lower School EAL students and it was wonderful to see them engaging and speaking English!

The trip started with a guided walk of London where the students asked inquiring questions. After this, they enjoyed lunch before exploring the museum and exchanging stories of their own countries' history and the Upper School students shared their knowledge on the history of London, that they had learnt in class recently.

The students were excellent communicators and demonstrated their skills from the IB Learner Profile.

Super Question and Language of the Week

Super Question

This week our super question was to find out: Where is the G7? Yoni in Y2 said it was in Japan and got a Sparky for being so Knowledgeable.

Next week the Super Question is linked to our language of the week – What is the capital city of India?

Language of the Week
Our language of the week was Urdu and after half term it is Hindi.

More News

Summer Fair
The Summer Fair is fast approaching. It will be taking place at our sports ground on Dale Green Road on Saturday, 18th June from 11am - 2pm. As part of the preparations, we will be having a non-uniform day on Friday, 17th. In exchange for the students having a non-uniform day we ask for the students to make a donation for the Fair. These could be books or toys for our Year 5 run Book and Toy stall. They could be bottles for our Bottle Tombola. They could even be used uniforms for our used uniform sale – all uniforms would need to be donated between June 10- 13th in ECO 1. Over the next few weeks, there will be updates about the Summer Fair in preparation for our whole school community event on Saturday, 18th June.

Parental Updates

  1. Please be aware not to park on the zig-zag lines outside the school.
  2. Please note that you should have received a username and password for the Parent Portal part of the website that was launched recently. If you have not received this information please contact Karen Strickland.
  3. Please try to avoid allowing your children to run through the staff car park before and after school. If you have to come through the car park with your children it is important that they are accompanied at all times.

Have a lovely half term break and we will see you all again in June!

Kind regards

Matt Parkin
Lower School Principal

Major Diary dates coming up (more details to follow)




All of Lower School

Sports Day

Thursday 9th June

All of Lower School

Non-uniform Day

Friday, 17th June

Whole School

Summer Fair

Saturday 18th June

All of Lower School

3-way Conference

Tuesday, 21st June

Year 6

End of Year Exhibition

Thursday, 30th June

Year 6

Leaver Assembly

Friday, 8th July

Upcoming Events

30th May to 3rd June
Half Term Break

Thursday, 9th June
Sports Day, 8am - 3pm - Dale Green Road, N11 1DN
Year 3 Sleepover



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