Friday, 27th May 2016
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Internal Assessments

As we break up for half term, I shall include again this message about the first week back. The M5 schedule that was sent out last week has been slightly amended.

M1 to M3 students will be completing their timed assessments within the scheduled week. This week provides further evidence of attainment, and also gives the students experience of timed assessment situations. It does not, however, provide the only data used to determine the final grade. Rather, the final grade is determined through a consideration of assessment data gathered throughout the grading period.

M4, M5 and D1 have study leave during the week of June 6th to June 10th and need only attend school when they have an assessment.

Below is the slightly amended schedule for M4 and M5. Ms. Watson has now added in the M5 Individuals and Societies assessment:








Monday, 6th June

M4 Art - 2 hrs

M5 French - 1hr - paper 1

M5 Lang and Lit - 1hr

M4 Drama

M4 Maths - 2 x 1hr Papers 1 and 2


7th June

M4 Spanish/Mandarin - 1hr - paper 1

M4 Individuals and Societies - 1hr

followed by

M4 Music

M5 Spanish/Mandarin - 1hr - paper 1

followed by

M5 I and S - 1 hr

Wednesday, 8th June

M4 French/English B - 1 hr - paper 1

M5 Spanish/Mandarin - 1hr - paper 2

M5 French - 1 hr - paper 2

Thursday, 9th June

M5 Maths - 2 x 1hr Papers 1 and 2

M4 Spanish/Mandarin - 1hr - paper 2

M4 Science - 1hr 30 mins

Friday 10th June

M5 Art - 2 hrs

M4 Lang and Lit - 1hr

M4 French/English B - 1 hr - paper 2

M5 Science - 2 hrs


Work Experience
We have a few M5 students that still need work experience placements. If you are able to assist in any way, or would like more information about the placement programme, please contact We thank you in advance for your support.

EAL Trip
The EAL and English B students from the Upper and Lower School enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Museum of London on Friday, 27th May. The Upper School students were excellent mentors for our Lower School EAL students and it was wonderful to see them engaging and speaking English!

The trip started with a guided walk of London where the students asked inquiring questions. After this, they enjoyed lunch before exploring the museum and exchanging stories of their own countries' history and the Upper School students shared their knowledge on the history of London, that they had learnt in class recently.

The students were excellent communicators and demonstrated their skills from the IB Learner Profile.

Year 6 Meeting
It was a pleasure to welcome so many Year 6 families to the Upper  School on Tuesday evening. The Upper School Subject Leaders were able to present a small part of the work completed by M1 students during the year, and the M1 students themselves were able to tell families about procedures at the Upper School.

Summer Fair
The Parent Association is now working hard on organising the Summer Fair to be held on Saturday, 18th June. As ever we would welcome used uniform donations. This is to be sold on the day. Please bring washed uniform items to the Dwight building and hand them in at the front office.

We also have two non-uniform days in advance of the Summer Fayre:
Friday, 10th June - bring a full, unopened bottle of something for the bottle stall. Please try to bring items that people will desire to win.

Wednesday 15th June - bring books and good toys/items for the second-hand stall.

Parent Portal
All parents should have received login details for our new Parent Portal, if you have not received them, please contact Karen Strickland so that she can resend them to you.

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