Friday, 27th May 2016
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Alison Cobbin - Head of School

There was a festive gathering of parent students and teachers who met at the Haven restaurant last Friday to celebrate the graduation of our D2 students. After the stressful weeks of studying and taking examinations, it was good to see our graduating class relaxing and enjoying an evening with family and friends and to reflect on their years at Dwight and to celebrate their completion of the Diploma years. We now wish them all the best for results day and their well-earned summer break. 

Lower School to Upper School
On Tuesday evening our Y6 children and their parents visited the Upper School to learn more about being in M1 and the Middle Years Programme. There was a colourful and informative display of work in all subject areas and a group of M1 students created a presentation for the parents about life in M1. Well done to Arun, Ariana, Nelly, Dayna, Beco, Gage, Niamh and Haya who presented their information to parents so confidently.

That’s Right, That’s Dwight.
The Lower School talent show and prizegiving was a magnificent event. We were entertained with poetry, dance, music, comedy sketches and even a ventriloquist. Congratulations to all the children who performed so well and to the children who were nominated and won awards for showing the most improvement in the 10 learner profile characteristics.

The event started with the recitation of a poem by Raoul in Y6. His poem was titled That’s Right, That’s Dwight, and it described the vision and ethos of the school so well that I wanted to share it in this newsletter.

That's right, that's Dwight
It's been four years or more
That I've walked through this door
And it's time to tell you
What I've been through
Do I feel I did what's right?
Do they welcome everyone in sight?
That's right, that's Dwight!

There is something special
About the people here who teach
They don't just talk about IB values
They practice what they preach
Always help and guide you
Never leave you in the dark
After all they are trying
To light your genius with a spark
To treat you as an individual
Do they try with all their might?
Will your unique talent shine very bright?
That's right, that's Dwight!

We're from every corner of the world.
Every year another flag gets unfurled.
No matter where we're from
I am sure you will agree
Everyone behaves like one big family.
Does working together matter more than being wrong or right?
Will you find us close knit and tight?
That's right, that's Dwight!

The unit of inquiry will broaden your mind.
And if you do...a sparky, leaf or petal you will find.
Each class will learn in their own special way.
And during assembly get to have their say.
Did the lessons bring new light ?
Will you grow more than just your height?
That's right, that's Dwight.

Taking Action is getting things done
Whether you start a charity or join a fun run.
Getting the Green Flag and saving water too.
It matters not if big or small. But it matters that you DO!

So friends and family that's all I have to say.
If I had to do it again, there is no better way!
A big thank you to Dwight for making us who we are
With a foundation like this we will go very far.
Was the learning fun, made the heavy light ?
Will this make our personality take flight?
That's right, that's Dwight.

- by Oslando & Raoul De Souza

Best wishes for a happy half term break

Alison Cobbin
Head of School

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