Friday, 10th June 2016
Early Years Newsletter

This Week's News from Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

Welcome back, we hope that you had an enjoyable half term break. The children came back with news about what they had been doing.

This week we:

  • noticed that our tadpoles are changing colour and that more of them are growing back legs.
  • watered our vegetable patch and noticed that over the holidays the plants have grown a lot taller.
  • went on a walk to the allotments to look for poppies. We also observed a busy bee hive and found lots of ladybirds eating aphids on the plants. As we were painting our poppies, there was a big rainstorm that had us running for cover in a garden shed. We got a bit soggy but it was so much fun with lots of squealing and laughter.
  • reviewed all of the sounds we learnt so far adding the sound ‘g’.
  • played a rhyming game where we had to think of a word rhyming with our names.
  • played a game to compare sizes of different objects using the words big, medium and small.
  • used vocabulary related to weighing in a cooking activity.
  • held a democratic vote to decide what our next role play area will be.
  • continued exploring the properties of bubbles by doing some bubble printing - we all looked very colourful afterwards.
  • enjoyed a wonderful Sports Day - thank you for your support, we thought the children did a fantastic job. Please click here to see photos from the day.

Next week we will:

  • have a focus on ladybirds and read stories such as The Bad Tempered Ladybird, The Lazy Ladybird and What the Ladybird Heard. We have some ladybird larvae coming so we will be able to watch them hatch - thank you to Ruby’s mum for the suggestion.
  • learn about symmetry and patterns by looking at ladybirds and butterflies.
  • begin to learn about alliteration and make up silly sentences such as “Lovely Lola licks lollipops!”

Have a great weekend,

Ms. Tomlin, Mrs. Voica, Miss. Olver, Mrs. Psaras



This Week's News from Reception


Dear Parents,

This week we have:

  • learnt to fill and empty different containers using sand and water estimating where half full would be.
  • estimated how many of a small container would fill a large one.
  • recorded number estimations when estimating.
  • listened to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • retold The Very Hungry Caterpillar using story cards
  • painted butterflies by only painting half and folding the paper.
  • decorated our painted butterflies.
  • started our books about The Very Hungry Caterpillar writing about what he ate on Monday and Tuesday.
  • practised races for Sports Day.
  • raced at the school Sports Day event, please click here for photos.
  • learnt about ordinal numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc by playing a snail race game.
  • explored book-making by putting together pages using staplers and writing our own pages.
  • orally counted forwards in ones from 1, then backwards from 30 to 1.
  • practised tricky sight words using the interactive whiteboard game Dinosaur Eggs.

Extended Curriculum

  • Explore filling a container to half full.
Coming Up
  • Trip to Grovelands Park - Monday, 13th during school day.
  • Summer Fair - 18th June at school sports field 11-2pm.
  • Trip to Golders Hill Park - 22nd June.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs. G Weber    Miss C Pitts    Mrs. D Fawbert


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