Friday, 10th June 2016
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Internal Assessments and Future Plans for M5

Following our internal assessments this week most of our students will return to their regular schedule next week. However, our M5 students have an opportunity to get a taste of the IB Diploma as they will be following an IB Diploma timetable and undertaking pre-IB diploma work. For those M5 students who are leaving us, this will be a valuable two weeks of learning as they will work through units of study and complete appropriate assessments. We anticipate that all M5 students will be in attendance for these helpful transition lessons. If for any reason, you prefer your son/daughter not to follow this course of study please contact me to discuss your circumstances.

Following this, the M5 students will complete two weeks of work experience. As well as being a graduating requirement, work experience is an integral part of our careers programme and a great opportunity for students to experience the world of work and help them make plans for their future.

The internal assessments will provide us with another source of evidence to determine the grade for the year. They give students the experience of a more formal setting, and of reviewing the work of the year, but they are only one part of the assessment data that is used. They should not be viewed differently to other assessments that take place over the year and for this reason they take place during regular lesson time for M1 to M3 - and this is why we did not issue those students with a schedule. Instead, each teacher told them in advance when the assessment would be.

Summer Fair - Saturday, 18th June on the school sports field
Not long to go now. We still welcome uniform donations - from families who are moving on or from students who have outgrown their uniform. This is to be sold on the day. Please bring washed uniform items to the Dwight building and hand them in at the front office.

We also have two non-uniform days in advance of the Summer Fair, the first of which was today, the next one is Wednesday, 15th June - bring books and good toys/items for the second-hand stall.

Euro-Sino Conference
Congratulations to Chantelle Williams-Lee who is a guest performer at this event on Monday evening. The event is being held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, Chantelle will be singing in front of more than 300 guests. Full details of the event can be found here.

Parent Portal
All parents should have received login details for our new Parent Portal, if you have not received them, please contact Karen Strickland so that she can resend them to you.

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