Friday, 24th June 2016

Early Years Newsletter

This week's news from Kindergarten

Dear Parents,


This week we:


  • observed the changes that are taking place with our ladybirds, tadpoles and plants. Our vegetable patch is looking very healthy indeed.
  • have seen that our caterpillars have changed too. They have just turned into chrysalises and are ready to begin their transformation into butterflies.
  • played games to work on oral segmenting and blending. I asked the children to collect various objects but only said the object using sound talk. For example, can you give me the h-a-t?
  • went on a lovely trip to Golders Hill Park. The children were able to use nets to catch minibeasts in the long grass. We found lots of flies and beetles as well as a toad and a very large worm! We walked through the butterfly house and re-enacted the life cycle of a butterfly through dance.
  • looked at colours and patterns by making necklaces with a repeating pattern.
  • explored the properties of colourful rice, enjoying filling and emptying containers.
  • drew some self-portraits so that we could look at similarities and differences between ourselves and others.
  • read a tadpole poem and noticed that even more of our tadpoles are growing legs.
  • enjoyed meeting with you all on Tuesday to celebrate the wonderful learning that has taken place this year.

Next week we will:

  • re-tell stories as part of our end of unit assessment about stories. The children will be able to select their favourite story and choose their own way of re-telling it. For example: acting it out, using props, drawing pictures or using puppets.
  • continue to look at alliteration by playing games such as I spy, Silly Soup and Bertha's Bus.
  • continue to use addition and subtraction in practical contexts.
  • visit Mrs. Cook's allotment to learn more about the different flowers, fruits and vegetables that are growing.


  • We will have a Teddy Bears Picnic on Monday, 4th July. Your child can bring a teddy to school on this day.
  • The Holiday Club deadline is approaching. Please ensure that you complete a booking form by 1st July.

Have a lovely weekend,


Ms. Tomlin, Mrs. Voica, Mrs. Psaras and Miss Olver

This week's news from Reception

Dear Parents,

This week we have:


  • visited Golders Green Park and took part in a workshop about bugs. This included looking for and identifying bugs in the meadow grass. We even found a toad! We went into the butterfly house which enabled us to see hundreds of cocoons like ours in the classroom!

  • painted/drew a picture from the trip to show something we enjoyed and wrote a caption to go with it.

  • re-told the story of the Bad Tempered Ladybird in small groups to assess our storytelling skills.

  • made ladybirds using plasticine.

  • continued to observe the changes in our caterpillars and they grow bigger and make their cocoons.

  • observed the tadpoles as some are now growing back legs!

  • reviewed reading and spelling words with the letter sounds ch,sh,th,ng.

  • solved various maths problems using different strategies and finding different possible solutions - this involved sharing a number of 'gold coins' between a group of story characters.

  • explored different ways a group of items can be sorted and classified using different criteria. This included suggesting our own ways to sort objects.

  • explored number bond addition, finding ways of making a number using two colours of counters.

  • learnt to recognise and read tricky words back and get.

  • learnt about Swedish Midsommer from Alexandra Bernhardsson (Kade's nanny) and made flower head bands.


Coming up!

  • Deadline for holiday club registration is the 1st July, children will not be able to attend if signed up after this date.
  • Trip to Friary park Monday, 27th afternoon.
  • Development Tuesday - early school closure 5th July.

Have a good weekend!


Mrs. G Weber, Miss C Pitts and Mrs. D Fawbert

Dwight School London

6, Friern Barnet Lane. N11 3LX | +44 208 920 0600