Friday, 24th June 2016

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Upper School News

Summer reports

As usual you will be sent a copy of the end of year report within the next two weeks. Many of our families are very familiar with the format, but I shall take this opportunity to explain it one more time.


For each subject the students are awarded a grade. In keeping with the IB model, this is out of a total of 7, with 7 being the highest grade attainable. This is calculated by the teachers when they look at the levels of achievement that have been earned. Each subject has four distinct criteria, and each of these is marked out of 8. The total awarded for each of these also appears on the report. The maximum total would be 32, and obviously that would be at the top of the grade band that represents a 7. To confuse things a little, each subject and each year level will have different grade boundaries, so a total of 27 (for example) in one subject might be a grade 6, whilst it might be a grade of 7 in another subject.


Finally, the report also shows how students have done in a range of approaches to learning. These are not given a numerical value, but an appropriate word, such as excellent is displayed.


Most important of all, however, is the teacher comment. This will give advice on the next stages, as well as explaining the level at which the student is currently working.


Sports Day

It is a few weeks away still, but we are already looking forward to it. It takes place on Tuesday, 5th July. We would welcome support from parents, families and friends, so if you are free please come down to the playing fields and cheer the students on. Tea and coffee will be provided for parents throughout the day, but students should bring a packed lunch and adequate drinks with them.


M5 feedback survey

Some weeks ago I sent out a survey to all M5 students. I was asking them to share reflections on the e-assessments, as well as to submit an email address to which the results would be issued. I am still waiting for replies from some students, and I ask M5 families to encourage their children to respond. Students will find the relevant information in their school email accounts.


We wish M5 students luck in their work experience for next week. A number of them have some very interesting placements. We expect them all back at school in the final week of the school year.


Monday - June 27, 2016
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Monday - June 27, 2016
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