Friday, 1st July 2016

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Upper School News

M5 programme for next week

Congratulations to the M5 students upon completing their work experience. We hope that it has offered some fulfilling, rewarding and eye-opening experiences. We also congratulate them in advance on organising their own graduation ceremony for next week. This is a tradition in the Upper School, and over the years the M5 classes have put on some impressive shows.


M5 families should soon be hearing from the students, inviting them to come along on Wednesday afternoon.


In the meantime, we have a full schedule for them next week, which I show below:


Sports Day

Sports Day takes place on Tuesday, 5th July at our Sports Field on Dale Green Road. Students need to bring a packed lunch and adequate drink with them for the day. We welcome all families and friends to come along to support. Soft drinks will be provided by the Parents Association for a small charge.

Form Tutors for next year

The list below shows who the form tutors are for next year. Obviously there will be names here which you do not recognise, as they are new members of staff, and we shall share more details of them soon.


M1 - Karine Villatte and Pilar Delgado
M2 - Sharad Gulhane and Ashleigh Goddard
M3 - Gemma Fanning and Margaret Boyle
M4 - Aldaine Wynter and Donal Maguinness
M5 - Mark Turner and Barbara Veschi
D1 - Tony Dickenson and Paul Johnson
D2 - Magdalena Krohn and Fiona McCaffrey


Thank you to Mr. Sanchez and Ms. Delgado, whom we hope to welcome back soon from Spain with students from the IBMYP classes. We have a number of day trips next week, particularly on Thursday.

D1 Economics Trip
Last Friday, the D1 Economics students visited the Museum of the Bank England and the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.It was a perfect day to go into the city, as we had just learned about the results of the Brexit. Thank you to Mr. Osher for explaining the differences between commercial banks, investment banks (like Merrill Lynch) and central banks (like the Bank of England) and for discussing some of the consequences of the Brexit result. It was a really interesting day during an historic week.

M3 American Themed Evening

On Monday evening both M3 classes will be entertaining us on stage with two different plays that they have adapted. The first play is The Day in the Life of the Mind of Tich Oldfield, set in a USA High School and adapted and directed by M3B. The second play is Bugsy Malone, adapted and directed by M3G. Please do come along and support the students, curtain-up is at 6.30pm in Jubilee Hall and it promises to be an entertaining evening.



Upper School Music Concert

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at our Summer Concert on Thursday evening. It will be a spectacular celebration of the students' musical achievements from throughout the year. The evening will begin at 7.00pm in Jubilee Hall.


Friday - July 1, 2016
All day
Friday - July 1, 2016
All day
Friday - July 1, 2016
All day

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