Friday, 1st July 2016

Lower School Newsletter

This week's news from Kindergarten


Dear Parents,


This week we:

  •  ended our Unit of Inquiry about Stories by having a focus on storytelling. We were looking at how well the children could remember events, talk about characters, listen to others and answer questions.
  • re-told the story of We're Going on a Bear Hunt by

    ○      using props on the light box

    ○      using sensory bottles

    ○      drawing and painting story maps

    ○      acting out the story in the garden.

  • also read Room on the Broom and used role-play masks to act out the story.

  • did some addition by combining two groups of objects and counting

  • learnt the sounds c, c and ck and read words with these sounds.

  • Named our first frog-let "Froggy" and are watching eagerly for the next tadpole to complete its transformation.

  • baked delicious flapjacks with Mrs. Psaras.

  • played a new game called 'Bug in the Rug' where one child was blindfolded and another hid under the blanket. Then we removed the blindfold and that child had to use their observation skills to work out who was in the rug

  • took a group of children to record a song for the school radio and learnt how to use the control panel to make the microphones go live!

Next Week and Notices:

  • As the term draws to an end we will be involving the children in the end-of-year 'pack up.' They will help us to sort and wash toys and take home some of the lovely art work they have done this year.
  • On Monday afternoon we will visit the park (weather permitting) and enjoy a teddy bear's picnic. The children can bring a bear/soft toy on this day.
  • On Thursday we will have an end of year disco at 1.00pm. All children are invited to join us, even if this is not their regular school day. The children can wear their own clothes or dress-up clothes to school on that day.
  • It is the last chance to sign up for Holiday Club as the deadline is today at 4pm.
  • We will send home some information about next year and some fun activities that you may want to do during the Summer holidays.
  • Could we ask you to check at home for any story books or items of spare clothing that you may still have? If you are happy to donate uniforms that you no longer need, please let us know.


Have a lovely weekend


Ms. Tomlin, Mrs. Voica, Miss. Olver and Mrs. Psaras

This week's news from Reception

Dear Parents,


This week we have:

  • visited Friary Park. We made natural collages on butterfly shapes, looking at sticking our objects symmetrically on both wings.

  • reviewed last week's letter sounds focus sh ch, th ng.

  • learnt to read and spell words with the letter sounds ai, ee, oo, oa.

  • revised knowledge of 2D shapes using correct vocabulary to describe them.

  • problem-solved to figure out how many ropes would be needed to make the sides of 2D shapes.

  • drew 2D shapes on the playground with chalk.

  • listened to the story What Made Tiddalik Laugh and discussed the main characters actions and feelings.

  • painted a gecko in art deco style using cotton buds, with the story of Tiddalik as an inspiration.

  • completed some symmetrical patterns on butterfly shapes.

  • used an interactive web site to find the matching symmetrical shapes.

  • found the matching symmetrical pattern .

  • chose toppings for a pizza drawing to make the two sides symmetrical.

  • learnt about the Year 6 Exhibition in the Friday morning assembly.


Extended Curriculum

  • Look for examples of symmetry at home!

Coming up!

  • Teddy bear's picnic on Monday, 4th July pm.  Each child will need to bring a teddy bear or other soft toy. (No special ones incase of loss or damaged).

  • Thursday, 7th July - party - children can wear their own clothes to school.

  • Deadline for holiday club registration is the 1st July, children will not be able to attend if signed up after this date.

  • Development Tuesday - early school closure 5th July.

Have a good weekend!

Mrs. G Weber, Miss C Pitts and Mrs. D Fawbert

Dwight School London

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