Friday, 8th July 2016

Lower School Newsletter

This week's news from Kindergarten


Dear Parents

This is the final newsletter of the year. It seems impossible that we have already reached the end of term, it has gone so quickly!

We have had a wonderful year with your children and thank you all for your support and encouragement this year. We have a group of very confident, capable children and we are so proud of everything they have achieved.

This week we:

  • went to the park to enjoy our Teddy Bears picnic. We ate ice-cream and enjoyed rolling down the grassy slopes.
  • released the butterflies that we had been taking care of. We were lucky enough to observe them drinking nectar from the flowers in our garden.
  • said farewell to our froglets and tadpoles by taking them back to the pond in Mrs Cook's allotment.
  • created some new artwork to decorate our walls in September.
  • made new labels for our pegs for next term.
  • had an end of year party with a few games and lots of dancing.

We are sending home some homework tasks for the summer - it is a list of fun activities. This is not a checklist for you to complete but for us to emphasise the point that it should be a time for relaxing and having fun.


We are really sad to be saying goodbye to Yurika and Roan. We will miss them a lot and wish them both happiness and success in their new schools.


Have a wonderful and safe Summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you back in September.

Ms. Tomlin, Mrs. Voica, Mrs. Psaras and Miss Olver

This week's news from Reception

Dear Parents,


This week we have:

  • visited Swan Lane Park with our teddies!. We rolled down the hill with our friends, played football, hoop games and ran around a lot! We played games with a parachute trying to keep our teddies on the top!
  • reviewed last week's letter sounds focus ai, ee, oo, oa
  • learnt to read and spell words with the letter sounds oi er igh ear.
  • observed our caterpillars emerging from the chrysalises as butterflies. We gave them watermelon (from Kade) and a flower in the net. They were then released into our garden.
  • made symmetrical patterns using savoury foods.
  • explored plasticine to make 3D models of mini beasts.
  • learnt about the 4th of July from Kade Allen. He brought us in a Statue of Liberty crown, a torch and flag to share with us.
  • learnt to quickly recognise numbers on a hundred square using an interactive web site.
  • practised reading words on our keyrings and read our books.

Here are some fun learning opportunities for the holidays...


Thank you for your support this year, we appreciate your kindness for our gifts!

Have a great summer holiday!


Kind regards,


Mrs. G Weber, Miss C Pitts and Mrs. D Fawbert

Dwight School London

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