Friday, 16th September 2016

Lower School Newsletter

This week's news from Kindergarten & Reception

This week the children are becoming more familiar with our routines and have settled very well. The environment is calm and and purposeful.

  • continued with the snail theme by looking at spirals. We made spiral patterns using loose objects, printed shell patterns into playdough, looked at the painting 'The Snail' by Matisse and replicated it using collage materials.
  • noticed a lot of children keen to use scissors so we talked about ways to use them safely including how to hold them if we are walking and how to avoid snipping fingers by mistake! We also reminded the children that they are not qualified hairdressers and should never cut hair - However a few were quick to point out that their parents were not hairdressers but still cut their hair for them :) We had a range of snipping and cutting activities available to help them develop their skills.
  • made posters about what we did in the Summer - thank you for sending photographs to us.
  • made lavender potions, enjoyed the new sand, washed babies and blew bubbles in our outdoor areas.
  • went on a number hunt and found numbers in so many places.
  • had our first visit to the park - we collected natural treasures.


  • Had their PE. lessons this week and are learning to listen and respond to instructions and negotiate space successfully.

  •  In French were learning about the names of family members.

  •  Learnt the sounds s, a, t, p and how to blend sounds together to read the words: at, an, as.

  • Had a go at writing S on a large paper

  • Did a 'Writing Development Task' about our trip to the park, this is something we do every term and the book moves through the school with the children so we can see the progress in writing.


  • Played some Phase 1 phonics games using instruments. They learnt the names of musical instruments and tried to recognise the sounds that they made. They also played loud and quiet sounds.
  • Used the interactive whiteboard to play 'Guess the Sound'.
  • Began to learn simple songs with puppets in French.

Next Week

  • Be counting and trying to recognise some numbers.

  • Start looking at ways to organise information by sorting and using tally marks.

  • Observe sunflowers and try to paint them by mixing our own paint colours.

  • Talk about ourselves and compare with others looking at similarities and differences.

  • Reception will continue with Phase 2 phonics, KG will continue with Phase 1 listening games.


  • Next week, we are available to meet with you before school 8.00 - 8.30 and after school (except Tuesday) 3.45-4.15pm if you would like a chance to have a settling meeting. We will keep this on an informal basis so will not have sign up times. This is not compulsory but just an opportunity for you to ask questions and find out how your child is settling. If you are unable to make it, we can write an overview in the communication diary at your request.
  • There will be a Phonics Workshop on 29th September at 9.00am. Mrs Weber will meet you in the Eco room.  You will learn about Phase 1 and 2 of Letters and Sounds (the scheme we use to teach phonics and reading) and ways to help your child with activities at home.
  • We are currently sending a picture book on Friday (unless your child does not attend on Friday, they will have a book on a different day) The children make their own choice about the book they want to bring and it is a book to share together with you at home.
  • The Autumn Fair is on Saturday.
  • A reminder about PE. kits. All Reception children need a PE. kit for PE. and they should wear it to school on Monday and Wednesday. We will change into uniforms after the lesson.
  • Please check your green communication diaries in case we have written a note.


After our number hunt, the children have been noticing numbers in the environment

  • Where can you find numbers in your home? What are they used for?

Quote of the Week

Children can't bounce off the walls if you remove all the walls.

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