Friday, 7th October 2016

Lower School Newsletter

Learning in the Lower School


Imagination and role play are important attributes that help enrich learning. With that in mind I had a very exciting visit to the doctor's surgery in the Early Years class this week. There was a lovely waiting area, a series of helpful books and several apprentice medical people who looked suspiciously like Tristan, Camilla and Nadezda. They were keen to take temperatures, use bandages, and even take my blood pressure. It was great to listen to their rich language and be a part of their learning. 

Year 2 had an exciting learning experience at  Borough Market in Southwark this week. Through their Unit of Inquiry they have been learning about Healthy Food, food from other countries and how food affects us. Linking in with their Literacy work on writing leaflets about food from other countries and their mathematical work on handling money they were given a list of tasks, to write a shopping list, estimate the cost and then buy a range of different foods at the market. They were then able to come back to school and eat the produce they had bought!



Congratulations to the new House Captains who were introduced to the whole school and given their badges on Monday in assembly. Mrs. Hornshaw also shared changes to this role and how all the students can become more actively involved in earning House Tokens for their House. 


Congratulations to our new Student Council who will consist of Emilio and Raghveer in Y3, Alex B and Emma in Year 4, Alex H and Ben in Y5, Clara and Ines R in Year 6. We also need to congratulate our new Prefects Shira, Kazuki, Ines S, Haruki, Rony and Joshua all from Year 6. The Prefects and Head Boy and Girl will be welcoming in new families who join us during our Open House event on Tuesday ,11th October. 


Congratulations also to our Kitchen Staff who had an impromptu inspection from the local Authority last week. They scored full marks for their Food Hygiene Rating!

Well done to all concerned!


Important dates for this term
Back to School Day will be on Friday, 14th October from 11.00am  - 1.30pm

Settling In Reports go out on Friday, 14th October 

Parent Consultations take place on Monday, 17th October
The individual and sibling photos will be taken on Thursday, 10th November.


Finally, good luck to our Football team who headed out for their first match this afternoon! I will let you know how they get on in the next newsletter!


Please note that Dwight School London is required to see the original passports (including UK, EU and EEA passports) and if applicable, the original visa and Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), for all students so that certified copies may be made in accordance with UK Boarder Agency Guidelines. If you have not already done so, please bring your child's passport to the school office ASAP.

Upcoming Trips

Next week there are no trips - but it is still a busy week in school. We will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday and It is Back to School on Friday. An email has been sent out and for those who wish too join us on Friday, and you need to register by no later than midday on Monday.

Super Question and Language of the Week

Last week the Super Question was Which country celebrated independence on 1st October?

Cyprus was the correct and was brilliantly answered by Sieun in Year 2.

Next week the super question is Which country celebrates its independence on October 8th?


Stefan in Year  5 helped us with our Languages of the Week which were Greek and Turkish by saying hello in Greek.


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