Friday, 23rd September 2016

Kindergarten and Reception Newsletter

This week's news from Kindergarten & Reception

Dear Parents,


We have been busy this week working on our Units of Inquiry All About Me! and Let's Play. As part of these units we have been looking at photographs of ourselves and describing our features, interests and what we like/dislike.

This week we:
  • introduced our first Golden Rule: We are gentle, we don't hurt others.
  • learnt about data handling by sorting our photographs to show how many boys/girls are at school and which fruit we like the best at snack time.
  • made a pictogram using the cars so that we could see how many of each colour we had.
  • went to the park to do a colour treasure hunt. Each child had a bag and a colour chart and they had to find something natural to match their colours.
  • enjoyed playing with goop (cornflour and water).
  • explored sunflowers by drawing them and using watercolours to paint over. We mixed paints to make different yellows getting ready to paint a replica of Van Gogh's Sunflowers.


  • made a video of a Phase 1 Letters and Sounds lesson that you will be able to see at the Phonics Workshop on 29th September.
  • were tuning into sounds by listening to the noises that various everyday objects make and guessing what the object was.
  • tried to match the sound to the correct animal nimalBingo.html.
  • counted the number of claps and worked on giving the correct number of toys when asked.



  • learnt the next set of letters: i,n,m,d to add to the set we already learnt: s,a,t,p.
  • read the keywords: a, as, an, I, it, is and in.
    played games to match the initial sound to the correct picture.
  • used letter cubes to build short words - if you want to do an activity at home, you can make cards for the letters we have learnt so far and try to make short words (e.g an, man, tap, pat, in, at).
  • counted to 20 stopping at differents numbers and asking What comes next?
    rolled die and made a tally chart to see how many times we rolled each number.
  • continued working on our physical skills in PE by throwing and catching.


  • Our Phonics Workshop is on the 29th September at 9.00am. Please come along if you want to find out more about how we teach reading.
  • Please check at home in case you have accidentally taken somebody else's school uniform. A reminder that the children should wear black school shoes on non-PE days.


  • We will be looking at the painting Sunflowers by Van Gogh. Can you find a picture of it? Do you like it?
  • We explored yellow and discovered there are lots of different yellows. What yellow things can you see in your house?

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