Friday, 30th September 2016

Kindergarten and Reception Newsletter

This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

This week we continued with our Unit of Inquiry All About Me.


We have been:

  • comparing one another by describing the similarities and differences between us
  • singing songs about the body such as: head, shoulders, knees and toes; I've got a body; wake up, can you?; and clap your hands.
  • setting up a photo studio so that the children can research and record information about what shapes we can make with our body.
  • looking at the Sunflower painting by Van Gogh. Thank you to those that researched this painting at home. The children applied their knowledge of colour mixing in order to try and replicate the original painting.
  • experiencing the ways in which cornflour is transformed from soft, silky powder to slippery, crunchy liquid. We also observed and reflected on the magical creation of colour.
  • learning about our bodies in the hospital role play area.
  • following instructions when making jam sandwiches.
  • making a number line with snails in the garden.


  • Went to the park and sheltered from the rain under a big tree.
  • Played Noisy Neighbour, Pass the Sound and used body percussion to try and identify the similarities and differences between sounds.
  • Counted and played a dice game - for example hop 4 times, jump 6 times.
  • Recognised and matched numbers 1 - 5.


  • Learned about an Inquiry Cycle and we proposed a question for the children to investigate. What can we do with our body? The children thought of some initial ideas and we have been researching by taking pictures on a digital SLR camera.
  • Made a pictogram showing all of our favourite colours and then answered questions such as: Which colour was the most popular? How many more children liked blue than green?
  • Learned some new sounds: g, o, c, k and we have been trying to read and spell words using the sounds we have learned so far. We also introduced the keywords into and and.
  • Have been counting up to 20, stopping at different numbers and asking What comes next? What comes before?


Next week we will have a focus on shapes as well as continuing our inquiry into our bodies.



  • Here is the link to the Phonics Presentation for your reference.
  • Holiday Club is now open for booking during October half term. Please click here for more information.
  • The school website has a link that has the weekly menu from the canteen.
  • With the weather turning please can you make sure that we have wellies and raincoats at school as we still like to play outdoors, even in the rain.
  • Just a reminder that snack is provided by the school. We have a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Each child also has their own cup and free access to the water so it is not necessary to send a water bottle to school.
  • Reception will begin bringing home reading books next week.
  • From Monday, the Reception children can choose to play in the playground before school and we will collect them when the bell rings - if your child still prefers to come straight into the classroom that is fine.


  • We are learning songs about the body. Can you find any songs about the body to share with us?
  • Can you find any interesting photographs of bodies in different shapes? It might be a good idea to search Yoga poses or record some of your own photographs of the different shapes you can make with your own body.

Quote of the Week

There's no such thing as the wrong kind of weather…                                                              
...only the wrong kind of clothing.


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