Friday, 21st October 2016

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception


Dear Parents,

This week we have:

  • continued to explore black and white paint by printing with our hands, marble painting and then using masking tape to section off the paper. We then painted monochrome Lilies.
  • used the overhead projector to explore light and shadow and then encouraged the children to use positional words to describe their picture. e.g the circle is at the top.
  • cooked apple crisps, apple sauce and apple cake - they were all delicious!
  • made various obstacle courses for the children to develop their gross motor skills and use positional and directional language.
  • read Rosie's Walk and We're Going on a Bear Hunt to reinforce positional language.
  • watched Where's the Monkey -
  • counted all of the seeds from a sunflower head - there were over 200!



  • Learnt to recite some nursery rhymes.
  • Learnt about positional language using toy animals.
  • Sang a song about different ways of moving our bodies.
  • In forest school we learnt about safe boundaries, read Stick Man, collected and decorated sticks.


  • Reviewed the sounds and keywords we have learnt so far: I, a, his, on, in, is, and, as, him, an. We also looked at the tricky words: no, go, the and I (these are words that you cannot sound out and have to be learnt by sight)
  • Looked at an Oxford Reading Tree book together. It didn't have any words so we stuck empty paper strips and speech bubbles on each page and the children told me what they thought the story was about. They enjoyed reading their own words. This is something you could do at home for books without words.
  • Forest school - we reviewed tying a slip knot and practised making a half hitch knot (very tricky!) We used ribbon to tie around the trees to mark our safe boundaries, remembered the rules for the fire circle and played games to match leaves to different plants.

Next week is half term. We hope you have a restful break and will look forward to seeing some of you for Holiday Club.


  • Our Halloween Party will take place on Monday, 31st October. Angela Bridge will be in touch with details.
  • We will be developing our creative play by making a deconstructed role play area. This is an area where there are lots of materials and 'loose' parts for the children to use in their play. If you could helps us by collecting the following: small and large boxes, material scraps, empty coffee tins and Pringles tins. Please can you start collecting for us over the holiday? Thanks

Quote of the Week

Only children believe they are capable of everything - Paulo Coelho


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