Friday, 4th November 2016

Lower School Newsletter

Learning in the Lower School

Ace Time

Welcome back - This week the students have been sharing their learning journeys with their parents during Ace Time. This is a new initiative that received a lot of positive feedback and we will be running it again next term.

Year 5 took part in a day trip to the Brands Museum this week. They learnt about different brands, products and adverts. They studied how these had changed over the last century and they attended a workshop where one of the activities was to place a product on a timeline.


A successful  trip to Science Museum was the feedback I received from Year 6 students on Thursday.They saw a brilliant IMAX film, Mysteries of the Unseen World, about all those things which are too slow, too fast or too small for us to see without the aid of technology. They were astonished to discover that with every breath, we take in particles of things such as skin as well as particles from outer space! The Year 6 students also  visited the newly opened Wonderlab (inaugurated October 12, 2016) and the students had a full of hour of inquiring into all areas of Science and Maths. Some favourites were investigating sound bars and experiments with light.


Eliza M from Year 4 impressed me when she came to share some of her work with me this week. She had written and sourced a detailed piece of work about Children's Rights, particularly with reference to article 28 : That all children have the right to a good quality education. Her work answered questions about how different cultures and countries differ and how girls particularly  are sometimes not given the same opportunities as boys. She demonstrated a global understanding of these issues and presented them in a sensible and empathetic manner.

Congratulations to Lola S, Joshua H, Alex D, Raghveer M and Yoni A who are the first students in the Lower School to get through the threshold of achieving 5 Sparkies. They get a certificate, a days pass and 5 tokens for their house. - Well done!

Updates and Reminders


School Bus Contact Update!
Please note from next week, w/c 07.11.16 please either contact the lower school office on 020 8920 0645 or email on a dedicated lower school bus email: to inform the school of any changes to your child's bus routine that day before 9.00am. Please note that this is a new email address that is dedicated for bus information only and includes Mrs. Payne, the transport coordinator, and all of the Lower School office staff.


Well done to the Year 3/4  and Year 5/6  football teams who played on Tuesday afternoon, Unfortunately they lost both games but they played with a great deal of commitment and determination.

Adult EAL

Our EAL for Parents sessions started this week. We had over 22 parents attend the sessions which just shows what a set of risk taking, life long learning parents we have. We will be splitting the group into two so that we with them more effectively.


  1. School officially opens at 8.20am - some children are still being dropped off early before adequate supervision is in place. Therefore any students that arrive early will be placed into the Breakfast Club which will incur an additional cost.
  2. School finishes at 3.40pm, we still have some children in the playgound after 4pm and we would like to remind parents to take their children home promptly particularly as the nights draw in.
  3. May I remind parents dropping-off and picking-up children that car spaces around the school are at a premium and it may be better to park slightly further away and to walk your child in/back. Cars are not meant to park on the zig zag lines outside the school and please note that Wednesdays are particularly busy as the council's rubbish truck will be collecting rubbish in the area that morning.


  • We have set dates for our Lower Primary Christmas Show it will take place on Tuesday, 13th of December from 9-10am and it will be free of charge to parents. The Lower Primary Show is called: Snowman at Sunset.
  • It is French Day on Wednesday, 9th November. Children can come to school dressed up in tricolour bleu(blue), blanc(white) and rouge(red), or as a famous French person or if they prefer in their uniform which happens to be the right colours! There will be four stations including a puppet show, as well as crepes, pain au chocolat and croissants.
  • It is our individual and sibling photos this Thursday. These will take place in the library and will be hosted by Nicesmile Photography company.
  • Our Parent Workshop about the IB PYP will be taking place soon please look out for more details next week.
  • We have launched a Dwight Radio Logo competition which concludes on Friday, 11th November, entries are to be handed in to Mrs Rehman.

Upcoming Trips

Year 1 and Year 2 Trip

Next Monday November 7th both Year 1 and Year 2 will go on a combined trip to the Wallace Museum to link in with their current Unit of Inquiry. This will be a day trip and children will be expected to bring a packed lunch if they do not usually have school lunch. Those that do have school lunch will have a packed lunch provided.

Super Question and Language of the Week

Ido P from Year 5 helped with some Hebrew this week, as this is our Language of the week - Shalom everyone!

The Super Question was answered by  Alex D in Year 3. He remembered that there was a celebration for the GB Olympic and Paralympic teams in late October. This weeks Super Question links in with Firework Night which takes place in the UK every November the fifth. A man linked to this event is called Guy Fawkes and the Super Question was to find out How old would Guy Fawkes be today if he were still alive?

Finally please be aware that we are selling poppies in the Lower School. The children can buy a poppy if they wish and make a donation of their choice. The prefects in Year 6 will be selling the poppies every break and lunch time concluding on Friday, 11th November. A poppy is a symbol of remembrance for all those people who lost loved ones during war times. It is a sign of peace and all donations will be sent to the Haig Fund. The story of the poppy can be found at


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