Friday, 18th November 2016

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Upper School News


International Evening

Many thanks in advance to the members of the Parents Association who have been getting ready for our annual International Evening next week. As a reminder, this is an opportunity to socialise with other members of the school community while celebrating our rich international heritage, and it also provides an opportunity to raise some money which will be donated to a charity of the choice of the students. The Student Council is in the process of selecting the charity and this will be made known by next Wednesday.


The Student Council have also been given two other jobs to work on - one is to review and suggest changes to our current policy on mobile phones and the other is to conduct a survey of what students think of the food, the atmosphere, the environment etc of the school cafeteria.


School Trips

We have had a busy November as far as school trips are concerned. D1 and D2 students in particular have been provided with plentiful opportunities to get out and about. There will now be a reduction in the number of outings, as other priorities take over, but using the wider environment is still something very central to the objectives of the school.


IB MYP e-assessment Resits

We have had a number of students taking some IB MYP e-assessments this week. The results are to be announced on February 1st - and we are informed that copies of these assessments will then be released to schools to aid with the preparations for the May 2017 session, which all of M5 are to be involved in.


Choir Festival

Thank you to Mr Kraft for all his work in setting up the Choir Festival which takes place this evening.


Science Assembly

At last Tuesday's science assembly we had a science wizard come in to wow our students with exciting experiments. Students were keen to be volunteers and it ended with a blast!

M4 Spanish Trip

The Spanish department organised a visit to the National Portrait Gallery to see the current exhibition Picasso Portraits as part of their unit on famous artists' biographies in the past.

This trip was an unique opportunity to learn and appreciate one of the best Spanish artists of all times. Furthermore, the topic was strongly linked to the M4 Spanish curriculum and students were also studying Picasso's life and work in class.


Upcoming Trip Information

D1 and D2 Psychology Trip
On 22nd November, the D1 & D2 Psychology students will be visiting Imperial College as part of their work on Cognitive Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Sport Psychology. Students will need to bring an Oyster Card as well as a packed lunch or money to buy lunch.


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