Friday, 25th November 2016

Lower School Newsletter

Learning in the Lower School

Ace Time

Year 3 had a great trip to the National Gallery Art museum on Wednesday. They asked some interesting questions and behaved in a responsible manner. They looked at a lot of paintings and during a practical lesson with the National Gallery Art Museum teacher, they learned about how painters used to trace, so that their paintings could have repeated images.

Year 5 shared their learning with us on Friday during assembly. Amongst other things they shared some persuasive writing and some persuasive vocabulary. They also demonstrated some strategies for long division sums and how to create some computer coding language. It was a lot of fun and it reflected the effort that the Year 5 team and their students are putting into their work.

A big thank -you to everyone involved in our Spotacular, Children in Need Day. The students dressed up and raised £207.62 for a very worthy cause - thank you to all who were involved!


Independent School Association

Swimming Championships

The swim team have done a fantastic job this year. In the ISA Swimming Championships, the Dwight team worked really hard and 6 students got medals!!!!! Congratulations to Sterre for her gold medal, Alexander B and Alexander J for their silver medals and Ben, Tamar and Josh H for their bronze medals. Every student in the team swam really well against swimmers from 16 other schools. Thank you for the great support of the parents, Ms. Mills, Mr. Williams and Ms. Coster. The swim team should be very proud of their achievements this year. Well done!!!
By Ines S and Alexander J (Swimming Captains)

Dwight Scientists Webpage
You may have seen our display about sugars that can be found in fizzy drinks. This is all thanks to the Dwight Scientists who meet every week and take Science one step further forward. You can see some more of their work on our website here.

Dwight Radio Logo

The Digital Leaders are also celebrating some work this week. Today we unveiled the Dwight Radio Logo that is a combination of the work of Joao and Rione.


Reminder - A FREE Taste Tastic Week in the Lower School

With the dark cold mornings now here, how would you love a week of not having to get up and make a packed-lunch for your son or daughter?


Holyroyd Howe would like to invite all children in the Lower School to enjoy their Food, Glorious Food, for a week, for FREE from 28th November - 2nd December! This will be a fantastic opportunity for children that are currently having home lunch to be risk-takers and try out new foods. It will also give parents time to have an extra cup of coffee in the morning, without the worry of what to pack for lunch for a whole week!


If your child currently has school lunch, do not worry, you are not going to miss out on the free lunch for a week, one week will be deducted from your Term 2 lunch fees. Look out for more details coming soon.

Updates and Reminders

Our Lower School Book Fair which took place last week took over £1000, which is a school record! Thanks to all concerned.

  1. Our Parent Association Meeting will take place on Monday, 28th November at 9am.
  2. Our Winter Fair is on 10th December and our Non-Uniform day for donation to the Fair will be on on 9th December

  3. Our Lower Primary Performance involving children from Kindergarten, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be taking place on Tuesday, 13th December. It is called The Snowman at Sunset, and rehearsals have started.

  4. A reminder that we break up at noon on Friday, 16th December.

  5. We have postponed the IBPYP Parent Workshop scheduled for this week - We will now run it on Tuesday, 17th January - please make a note in your diaries.

  6. We have taken advice from the NHS and will be hosting a flu nasal spray vaccination for children in Years 1, 2 and 3. Parents have been sent the information and can opt-in if they wish - the NHS nurse will be visiting us on Monday to administer the vaccinations, which are free of charge.

Community Choir
Our next choir session will be on Tuesday, 6th December at 5.15pm in Jubilee Hall. We look forward to seeing you there! For more details, please click here.

Upcoming Trips and Special Days

  • SRE starts in Year 6 throughout next week 
  • Rehearsals for the Lower Primary Christmas Show will be taking place throughout the week.
  • Food Glorious Food - the taste tastic week starts next week!

Super Question and Language of the Week

The Super Question was correctly answered by Karina in Year 5. She gets a Sparky for being knowledgeable. She knew that Buster the Boxer was the name of the dog in the most watched Christmas advert of 2016.

Our Language of the week is Spanish and I'm pleased to say that Iria in Year 6 was very helpful reminding us of how to say good morning in Spanish and good luck to the swim team!

Next week the Super Question is to find out the Name of the next storm scheduled to arrive in the UK? ( Clue: The last storm was called Angus, so the next one has a female name beginning with the letter B)  


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