Friday, 25th November 2016

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception


Dear Parents,

This week we:

  • looked at posters the children have made about special celebrations. We found out about Chinese New Year and Epiphany.
  •  had a very rainy visit to Highgate Woods where we used tarpaulin to make a rain shelter.
  • had a focus on capacity and had a daily activity to reinforce vocabulary such as full, empty and, half full.
  • listened to a story called Dirty Bertie ( to reinforce the importance of handwashing. We are encouraging children to sing Happy Birthday two times whilst they rubbed their hands with soap.
  • progressed with our clay explorations by moulding pots. Mrs. Voica is making a lovely display and book about our journey with clay so please call into the studio to take a look.
  • baked a cake by using a balance to ensure all of the ingredients weighed the same as two eggs.
  • used paints to mix different skin shades/tones.
  • used black lights and highlighter pens in the Sensory Room in the dark to write secret messages. This was a very popular activity.
  • played hide and seek in the garden paying close attention to the rules of the game. We will continue this next week.
  • visited the park for Forest School activities.


  • We learnt the sounds l, ll, ff, ss. This marks the end of Phase 2 of letters and sounds so we will be moving onto Phase 3 after another week reviewing Phase 2.

  • Did some All About Me writing. Their work is displayed on the board in the corridor so please take a look.

  • Recognised numbers up to 20.

  • We encouraged children to make estimations about how much could fit into a container.


  • We continued with rhyming games such as matching rhyming pairs and then played odd one out.
  • Started to learn about alliteration using the Mystery Box where there were lots of objects beginning with the sound 'S' (snake, scarf, spoon etc).
  • We played I spy using the children's names e.g I spy someone whose name begins with …
  • We collected containers and sorted them.


We would still like to find out about games the children can play as we will have a big focus on games/rules next week. Perhaps you could write the instructions about how to play your game so that we can try it with the children?


  • Costumes for the show (reminder to bring them before Thursday, 1st December
    • SNOWMEN need: White T-shirt (large), White tights/leggings, welly boots, woolly hat and scarf.
    • CHILDREN need: winter coat, scarf, hat, gloves, welly boots and non-uniform clothes to wear underneath.
  • Next week is FREE TASTE TASTIC FOOD WEEK. Your child will not need to bring lunch from home as they will be having a free hot meal at school.

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