Friday, 2nd December 2016

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Upper School News


D2 Collaborative Plays

On Monday evening the D2 students performed four original plays. The students wrote, directed, designed and produced these under the supervision of Mrs Kennedy. We were particularly pleased with how supportive the audience were as they participated in a question and answer session after each performance which helped the students evaluate the impact of their work. Next term they will be performing solo plays which they will devise and write themselves. We look forward to sharing them with you and hope you will be able to come and support them.


Social Media Competition

During assembly this week we launched our first ever Social Media Competition in the Upper School with a selfie. #DwightTakeover.


There are four competitions in total and each one is open to both students and staff.

Today two students started the Instagram and SnapChat competitions and you can follow their posts at Dwight_London. At the end of the competition the students with the most likes and shares will win!

MUN at Dwight
In January of 1998, Woodside Park International School attended its first The Hague International Model United Nations Conference. Nearly 19 years later, we still carry this tradition. This month, six inspired, passionate, and determined D2 students will be hosting Dwight School London's first Model United Nations Conference. The conference will be a platform for students, from Dwight and two other schools in London, to take part in a conference where they can exchange ideas about solutions to the Global issues of the Western Sahara, Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, and Infrastructure and access to Medical Facilities in rural Africa. Our theme is Moving Africa Forward.


MUN will allow students to aquire a better knowledge and understanding of the purpose and actions of the United Nations while improving their debate and public speaking skills. Students will also be representing real world member states involved in the issues and are encouraged to roleplay the stance of their assigned countries, no matter how extreme they may be, giving students an insight into the real world affairs of the nations. The conference will take place from 8:30 until 17:00 on Wednesday, 14th December. More details are available on the MUN website.

Sports Ambassadors

A great job this term to our sports ambassadors and coaches who have worked hard this term to support our sports teams. Whether it's coaching, managing,  photography, sports writing; or score keeping, they make a difference to our teams. The students pictured are just a handful of all the other students involved.


All Sports Ambassadors meet in the Library on a Wednesday to discuss sports matters. There will be a number of events in the next term, so please tune in.


All the work they put in goes towards their Action and Service or CAS. More importantly, their contributions to the school is appreciated.  Keep up the good work!




M1/M2 House Games
1st: Mandela (107 points)
2nd: King (105 points)
3rd: Gandhi (89 points)

House Games

On Thursday and Friday last week, M1-M4 students participated in House Games at the school field. Students represented their house in a number of different sports including football, netball, frisbee and dodgeball. Congratulations to Mandela who won both the M1/M2 and the M3/M4 House Games events.


M3/M4 House Games

1st: Mandela (102 points)
2nd: Gandhi (89 points)
3rd: King (79 points)

School Photos

The school photos are now ready to view online. Please register with your unique code to receive access to them.

D2 Mock Exams

Next week is D2 mock exam week. We have moved them to this time slot before the winter holiday this year following the recommendation of Mr. Johnson. Reports for D2 students will now be written after the mock exams have been sat and marked, and this will be sent out in the new year.



For the rest of the Upper School a diagnostic report will be sent out at the end of term. Unlike the interim report, which simply gave an indication of the grade (although this was supported by comments at a parents evening this report will give much more feedback, including performance in each of the criteria as well as a full comment.


Community Choir

Our next choir session will be on Tuesday, 6th December at 5.15pm in Jubilee Hall. We look forward to seeing you there! For more details, please click here.

Upcoming Trip Information

M2 Spanish Trip
On Tuesday, 13th December, the M2 Spanish students will be having a Spanish Immersion Day in London in order to give them the opportunity of practising topics that they have studied during this term in authentic contexts as a reward for their great work, effort and attitude. Activities will include:
  • breakfast chocolate con churros at La Churrería Española in Bayswater.
  • a walk in Notting Hill, the main area for Spanish residents in London.
  • shopping in Hermanos Garcia, a Spanish supermarket in Portobello Road.
  • Spanish lunch at Restaurante Galicia.

Students will need to bring their Oyster cards and some pocket money.


M2 Art trip to National Gallery
On Thursday, 8th December will visit the National Art Gallery.

M1 Maths trip to Bletchly Park
On Thursday, 8th December M1 will have a maths trip to Bletchly Park.


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