Friday, 13th January 2017

Upper School Newsletter

Upper School News


New Staff

As we start are new term, I would like to introduce you to our two new members of staff.

Our new EAL Coordinator is Ms. Viki Rudez, who has taken over from Ms. Fanning. Viki has a wealth of EAL and IB MYP experience and we are very pleased to be welcoming her to the Dwight London Community. Working alongside Viki in the EAL Department,  we also welcome Mr. Martyn Rule, he also brings with him many years' of experience teaching English.

Please do feel free to make contact with them should you have any questions about the programme.

As a result of these new appointments, we have made a few changes to our form tutors:
Ms. Villate ( has replaced Ms. Fanning as the M3F Form Tutor

Ms. Rudez ( has replaced Mr. Maguinness as the M4M Form Tutor.


University Applications Update

The UCAS university applications deadline is 15th January. Some early applicants are already receiving offers and we are delighted that two so far have been from Oxford University! We look forward to sharing more news of offers as our D2 students receive them.


Google Expeditions

This week we were extremely fortunate to be visited by the Google Expeditions team. Students had the opportunity to use the virtual reality goggles to view places such as a refugee camp in Lebanon and as far away as outer space! It was a great experience for them to be able to take a field trip to virtually anywhere in the world without leaving Jubilee Hall. You can find more details about Google Expeditions here.


'Film Skool' Premier

Last week, teachers, students and parents gathered at the Curzon Mayfair to watch the short films we created for our film school. Students wrote, produced, directed, and starred in their own original films, the diverse themes of which are testament to the limitless imagination the theatre department instills in its students. The films included Drip Drip, a psychological thriller about a group of friends covering up a murder and Satire Corner, which commented on the political whirlwind that plays out on our televisions every night. Eigo was a comedic take on cultural divides whilst Class A offered insight into the seedy sugar industry. I look forward to seeing what next year's students produce. - Nick D2 Student

Sports News

Welcome to the first Dwight sports' newsletter of 2017 Term 2. This week's sports newsletter is about the M4-M5 Dwight boys basketball game against King Alfred School.

Dwight won 64-12 with some outstanding performances from some of the players. The top scorer this game was Gerry M5. Gerrymandering was player of the game.

Furthermore, Luke M4 had an outstanding performance scoring a few points. Moreover, Abdullah M4 also had an outstanding performance scoring and made some good rebounds. Finally Finley M2, the youngest player in the match, played very well at his position as point guard.

We hope Dwight continues its winning streak and we will keep you updated about more matches to come. Stay tuned for more Dwight sports updates and newsletters and we hope you had a very good holiday and a Happy New Year. - Haya M2 Student

Upcoming Trip Information

M2 Croissant Workshop - Tuesday, 17th January
On Tuesday the M2 students will experience a Croissant Workshop at Borough Market as part of their French studies. Students will need to bring a packed lunch on this day.

M1 Art Trip to Tate Modern - Wednesday, 18th January
On Wednesday the M1 students will have an Art Workshop at the Tate Modern. M1 students will need to bring a packed lunch and pocket money if they wish to purchase souvenirs.


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