Friday, 20th January 2017

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Learning in the Lower School


As I left my office on Monday morning I caught sight of a wonderful 3D display in the foyer that Year 5 students had put together. They had made solar systems that demonstrated their conceptual understanding, their creative skills and their knowledge of planets. It is still there today if you get a chance to take a look. This project follows on from their trip to The Royal Observatory in Greenwich on Wednesday, where they developed a more in-depth understanding of time, constellations and planets. The Observatory is one of the finest in the world and it was great that our Year 5 students had the opportunity to visit it


Year 6 had another opportunity to visit  the Upper School on Wednesday. They spent the day there as part of their transition into the Upper School. They had an enjoyable time and particularly liked the Science work and experiments in the specialist Upper School science labs. Year 6 students are now starting to think about their upcoming exchange with Grade 5 (Year 6) students from Dwight New York . They will be starting to contact students in New York and we hope that many of our Year 6's will go on the trip scheduled for May 2017. Further details and the sign up form for Year 6 can be found here.

This week our After School Clubs started and I spent my time on Tuesday at the Body Fitness Club. It was filled with lots of activities to help develop core strength, coordination and collaboration. I even had a chance to crawl underneath Mink's (Y1)  human bridge! On Thursday I spent a bit of time at the Mosaic Club. Whilst I was there Auva (Y6) shared how to use the mosaic tools safely and effectively. 

Learning can take place anytime anywhere and this week we have promoted two sessions about the IBPYP  to our community. Mrs. Brooks led the sessions and focused on what the Essential Elements of the IBPYP are and how they are facilitated across the Lower School. We had over 25 parents attend! To view the presentation, please click here.

Year 2 had an exciting excursion to the Science Museum on Thursday where they learned more about inventors and discoverers. Miss Hendry informed me that her class was very well behaved on the journey and at the museum itself.  When they got back though, they were very tired!

Our footballers took part in an Independent Schools Association (ISA) Football competition on Thursday at the Barnet Powerleague site near the Upper School. They did very well winning 4 out of their 6 matches, scoring 11 goals and conceding only 4 in the process. They also have some matches today (Friday 20th) against a school in Golders Green that we will be reporting on next week.

The Week Ahead

  • A reminder that our Term 2 curriculum overviews are now online. To view the Kindergarten and Reception overview, please click here. To access the Year 1 to Year 6 overviews, please click here.
  • On Monday, Year 4 visit Golden Hinde, sir Frances Drake's galleon, as part of their Unit of Inquiry on Exploration.
  • Kindergarten and Reception visit a real fire station on Tuesday morning to learn about how firefighters help them.
  • On Wednesday Year 5 visit the Science Museum as part of their ongoing Unit of Inquiry into the Earth, the Solar System and the Universe.
  • On Friday Morning 20 teachers from The Netherlands will be visiting us to see how we create excellent  learning opportunities for our students. They will then go on to visit the BETT show to look at how technology supports good learning. 

Updates and Key dates for 2017

  1. Mid Year Reports sent out in the week ending 10th February.
  2. Ace Time takes place on 9th and 10th February.
  3. Year 5 have their 3 day & 2 night residential in Suffolk from 22-24th March - more details to follow.
  4. Year 4 have their 2 day & 1 night residential in Greater London from 23-24th March - more details to follow.
  5.  Dwight Lower School International Fun Run and Breakfast takes place on Friday, 31st March.  

Super Question and Language of the Week

Last week we asked the children to find out What coin will be replaced in the year 2017? Alex B Y4 correctly informed us that the pound coin will be replaced. This week we asked What will happen at noon on Friday 20th January in Washington DC?

We are looking at South American countries as part of learning languages and Brazil was our chosen country and therefore our language of the week was Portuguese. I was ably helped to say good morning in Portuguese by Nicholas (Y4) and Ines (Y6) Best wishes for the weekend

Matt Parkin
Lower School Principal

Stop Press


Young Voices

As we go to press we are delighted to share this photo of our Dwight Lower and Upper School students who have just arrived at the O2 in Greenwich where they are about to rehearse for tonight's Young Voices Concert. News regarding the concert will be in next week's newsletter.


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