Friday, 20th January 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,

This week we:
  • listened to presentations about Which Animals Lay Eggs? as part of the action homework. We talked about good presenting skills and being good listeners.

  • built models of fire engines using boxes.

  • played with ice and arctic animals in the tuff tray and found lots of ice in the garden. We put salt on the ice to watch what happened and noticed that it melts the ice and makes cavities.

  • used craft stamps to work on our fine motor skills.

  • did Funky Finger activities to strengthen our hands and fingers for holding a pencil for writing.

  • started to explore primary colours by mixing yellow and red. The children discovered that this made orange.

  • counted and talked about which number comes next. Reception completed a pre-assessment showing what they know about adding as this is something we will be learning about in coming weeks.

  • started Phase 2 of Letters and sounds with KG2 and they made an alliteration book with pictures of each child. For example, Tristan with a terrific train. Reception started Phase 3 and learnt the sounds v, j and w.
  • visited Highgate Woods with Reception, going for a winter walk through the trees.
  • were donated a large box by Mrs. Hornshaw (who knew exactly who to ask when she was trying to get rid of a big box!) and we converted it into fire engine.
  • cooked tuna sandwiches using a recipe called Teachers treats.
  • walked around the school looking for all the people who help us (as part of our Unit of Inquiry).
  • gave directions using Beebots. We made a mini city and drew fire near the buildings, the children had to direct the Beebot to go and put out the fire.
  • made a classbook called HELP! The Reception children had to write a scenario such as HELP My tooth hurts, I need a dentist.


Next week we will:

  • Visit a real fire station (on Tuesday Morning) and learn about how fire officers help us.
  • Play games to help us with the skill of asking questions such as Guess Who?


  • The booking form for February Holiday Club is now on the school website here.
    We are planning to share observations with you via email. You should have received an email from 2build a Profile asking you to click on a link to accept an invitation. Once you have done this, you will be able to receive observations. We plan to start by sending an observation every week.
  • Please can you check at home to see if you have any items of clothing that do not belong to you. In particular, we are looking for Tristan's scarf which is navy blue.
  • If you have any interesting objects that could be put in our Mystery Corner, please send them to school.
  • We will visit Long Lane Fire Station on Tuesday morning and will return in time for lunch.


Kindergarten - Are learning to hear the initial sounds in words. Please can you make a poster showing things that begin with the same sound as their name?


Reception - Are starting to learn about addition. Can you use objects at home to start introducing this concept. For example, using pasta/toys/marbles/counters to work out 4 + 5. This is mainly a way to start getting use to the language of addition.

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