Friday, 27th January 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,

We continued working on our People Who Help Us Unit of Inquiry with a particular focus on the skills of Formulating Questions and Acquiring Knowledge.

This week we:
  • used QR codes on the iPads to look at pictures of the equipment that firefighters use. This was to help the children think about the questions they wanted to ask when we went to visit the fire station. One of the questions they thought of was How do you never, never, ever accidentally catch on fire?

  • visited Long Lane Fire Station. It was a fantastic morning and the children learnt a lot about what our firefighters do for us. They were able to sit in the fire truck, watch a race down the poles, listen to the three different sounds the sirens make and learn about some of the tools they need to use to do their job.

  • focussed on recognising numbers and talking about which number comes next in a sequence. We read One Mole Digging a Hole and played games on the Interactive whiteboard to recognise numbers and match quantities: (KG)

  • continued to build awareness of initial sounds by playing games with objects that start with the same sounds as their names and we shared the lovely posters you made. We also started to learn about oral segmenting and blending. For example: I spy a c-a-t. (KG)
  • continued with Phase 3 of letters and sounds by learning the sounds: v, w, ,x, y, z and reading words with these sounds. We are also learning the names of the letters. (Reception)
  • wrote letters to the firefighters to say thank you for our lovely visit.
  • completed addition problems using objects. We learnt that adding means combining groups of objects.
  • celebrated Chinese New Year by cooking noodles, making lanterns and reading the story of the Chinese Zodiac.


Next week we will:

  • will start learning about how doctors/nurses and paramedics help us and will turn the role play area into a hospital. If you have any empty pill boxes/plastic bottles can you please send them (we will be teaching the children about safety if they find real pills).
  • will focus on subtraction using real objects.


  • we attempted to send you an observation this week from 2build a profile. Please be patient whilst we try and organise this system. If you did not receive an observation please let us know.
  • There is just one week left to book for February Holiday Club. Please ensure you have completed the booking form by Friday 3rd February. If you have any questions please ask Ms. Tomlin or Miss Olver.


We will begin Show and Tell in order to practise our presentation skills. The children are invited to bring something from home that they want to tell us about and we will return these items at the end of the week. We will have a bag ready on Monday to collect these items and keep them safe.

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