Friday, 3rd February 2017

Lower School Newsletter

Learning in the Lower School


Class trips and Assemblies

This week our Year 1 immersed themselves into Victorian life. They spent a day at a Victorian School showing their work on old style Victorian blackboards. They recited rhymes, sat in rows and listened attentively to the Victorian teacher. This all took place in St. Albans and after their school lessons they went outside and played a few Victorian games before returning back to their International School world. Year 1 shared their learning in an assembly on Friday morning that demonstrated their hard work this term. It followed on from an assembly on Wednesday that gave those children who take bespoke music/drama lessons a chance to demonstrate their skills and understanding. Well done to all the children that took part and to Mr. Mastoridis and the team of drama and music support teachers for facilitating the opportunity.

Dwight Lions

Our footballers played a local team on Thursday against Foulds School in Barnet. In a closely fought match Dwight Lions eventually won the game by 3 goals to 1. Well done to all of the team and to Ben in Year 5 who got his first school  hat trick.



Our Clubs are now well and truly on their way. This week  I visited the Mosaic Club. The students are now making mosaic designs out of small tiles. I really liked a very realistic depiction of the Star Wars character: R2D2 by Stefan and a spotty dog by Miya. 

Science at Dwight

Mr. Van den Bosch and his team of Dwight Scientists announced their logo winner on Monday. Tamar in Year 6 wins 10 sparky tokens for her house. She designed a logo with the Dwight badge and several atoms circling around it. The Dwight Scientists are looking forward to a trip next week . All of them have been invited to the Upper School to meet Mr. turner who will show them the Upper School's fantastic state-of-the-art  laser cutting machine.


Art Competition

Mrs. Boughton launched an art competition this week. It is called the Fourth Plinth. It asks children to come up with ideas for the fourth plinth which is part of Trafalgar Square in the heart of London.


  • It is getting colder and we still have some children who do not wear a coat to school, please ensure your child wears a coat. 
  • School finishes at 3.40pm and children who are not involved in after school clubs must be offsite no later than 4.00pm. 
  • Please do not park on the yellow zig-zag lines outside school at any time. It is illegal and could result in a fine and penalty points on your licence.
  • If you arrive late at school, please bring your child to the office to register, we will then ensure that your child gets to their class. You can also email the school at

The Week Ahead

  • It is our E-Safety Week next week. We will be hosting an assembly and we will be sharing good tips and facts that make using the Internet a safe and risk-free activity.
  • Mid-year Reports will be sent out next week on 10th February.
  • Year 5, we will be holding a Mini Exhibition on of Earth, the Solar System and the Universe impacts upon human lives for students to share their learning with the Dwight community. Students in Year 5 have chosen a question to research for their personal inquiry and will be presenting their findings in creative and interesting ways. Parents are invited to the Year 5 classrooms on Friday 10th February from 9.00am -10.20am to view the students' work.

  • Ace Time will  take place on 9th and 10th February at 9.00am.  Kindergarten, Reception, Years 1, 2, and 6L are on Thursday, 9th Feb at 9.00am. Years 3, 4, 5 and 6D are on Friday, 10th Feb at 9.00am.
  • We are having our second Assembly for our students who are taking lessons with peripatetic teachers and who wish to show off their talent.  It will take place in Woodside Hall this Tuesday, 7th February at 9.00am. You will be contacted by the school office if your child is taking part. 
  • On Saturday, 4th February Lower School students will be joining several Upper School students, staff and parents as they attend the Dwight Ski Trip in France - We wish them well. 
  • Next Tuesday is Development Tuesday - School closes at 2.30pm. There are no clubs that day and parents are reminded to pick children up from the library from 2.30pm onwards.

Updates and Key dates for 2017

  1. Next half term we will be inviting Parents to come to our EAL for Parents sessions again. This has been running since January and is led by one of our EAL teachers Mrs. Kendal. If you have been part of this and would like to sign up again for 3 more weeks please click here. For new families wishing to join, please email
  2. Year 5 have their 3-day & 2 night residential trip in Suffolk from 22-24th March - There will be a meeting for parents on Friday, 24th February at 9.00am regarding the residential trip to Flatford Mill. 
  3. Year 4 have their 2 day & 1 night residential trip in Greater London from 23-24th March - more details to follow.
  4.  Dwight Lower School International Fun Run and Breakfast takes place on Friday, 31st March.  

Super Question and Language of the Week

Last week we asked the children What is it the Chinese New Year of? the answer given by Saki in Year 4 was Rooster. She is correct and gets a sparky for being knowledgeable. Our question for next week is an easy one ..Can you name a country that has all 5 vowels in it? 
We are looking at South American countries as part of learning languages and Peru was our chosen country. In Peru they speak Spanish and Ines S in Y6 kindly helped us learn some new Spanish words.

Matt Parkin
Lower School Principal

Dwight Parent Association Events


Quiz Night

Come join us for a fundraising evening of fun and games as you and your team (10-12 people) go up against other Dwight staff and parents for a night of trivia! There will be a variety of questions ranging from sports, to history, to art, to music, to pop culture, so everyone can participate!

As this is a major fundraiser for the Dwight Parent Association, there will also be some other games and a raffle with great prizes!

Sign up on your own or get with your friends or year group and put a whole team together!


Tuesday - 7 February 2017
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Friday - 10 February 2017
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