Friday, 3rd February 2017

Upper School Newsletter


Upper School News

D2 Art Exhibition
The D2 students are preparing for their final exhibition in March. Please check out their promotional video here!

M5 Celebration
Traditionally, the M5 students have had the chance to prepare their own IBMYP Celebration at the end of the school year. This year will be no different. However we are now looking at a date before the end of term, since a number of them will be away on the Vietnam trip. The proposed new date will be during the week of 19th to 23rd June - this is the week during which students will have a chance to experience IB DP lessons.

M5 Activity
Thank you to M5 families who have replied to the question about Bushcraft or Community Project during the days of 14th to 16th June. We have had a good response for both options, with a few more still to reply - please try to do so this weekend.

M3 Options
Thank you to M3 families for submitting their input concerning options for M4 and M5. Perhaps as expected, just about every student has indicated a different range of subjects, and so it not going to be possible to meet every request. We shall continue to work on aligning subjects so as we can try to please as many students as possible.

Development Tuesday
A reminder that on 7th February we shall be having staff training from 14.40, as we have been doing so on the final Tuesday of each half term this school year.

Upcoming Drama Performances

M5 ePortfolio plays on Thursday, 9th February - 6.30-8.30pm

The plays all have the global context of Scientific and Innovation this year.

The students have been exploring the natural world and it's laws; the interaction between people and the natural world; how humans use their understanding of scientific principles; the impact of scientific and technological advances on communities and environments; the impact of environments on human activity and how humans adapt environments to their needs.


D2 Experimental Solo Project Plays on Friday, 10th February - 5.30-9.30pm

All the plays are original and presented as one person shows. Each student has taken a theatrical practitioner such as Steven Berkoff, Growtowski, Artaud, Boal or Joan Littlewood and directed themselves in that particular style.


Both plays will be held in Jubilee Hall and as part of the student's assessment is based on feedback and audience engagement, we would be grateful if parents can come along and support them.

Sports News

Welcome to this week's Dwight sports newsletter.

This week's sports' newsletter is a reminder about the M4-M5 boys basketball game on Friday. We hope they win and continue their winning streak despite missing players who are away on the ski trip. Go Dwight! Please also remember that there is a fundraising event for the sports department next week on Friday.

Thank you and we hope you have a good weekend. - Haya Adams M2

Dwight Parent Association Events

Quiz Night

Come join us for a fundraising evening of fun and games as you and your team (10-12 people) go up against other Dwight staff and parents for a night of trivia! There will be a variety of questions ranging from sports, to history, to art, to music, to pop culture, so everyone can participate!


As this is a major fundraiser for the Dwight Parent Association, there will also be some other games and a raffle with great prizes!

Sign up on your own or get with your friends or year group and put a whole team together!


We also need your help in procuring our raffle prizes! Did you get a gift for Xmas that you'd like to donate? Do you know the owner of a great shop/or service that would donate a gift certificate?? You can bring any prize donations to the school office. Thanks so much! - Dwight Parent Association



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