Friday, 3rd February 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,

This week we:
  • set up a Hospital role play area. We let the children research the things that you might find in the hospital and then they went to find the things they wanted. Some of the children helped to write labels so that they knew how to tidy up nicely.
  • had a great time listening to the children presenting at Show and Tell time. We talked about speaking in a clear voice and looking at your audience as you present. As the week progressed, the audience were getting really good at asking questions. We had some interesting items: Buzz Lightyear, bird feeder, ice-skates, swimming kit, soft toys, Elsa glitter wand, cookbook, Transformer, Pokemon Cards, stickers, Scooby Doo toys, guitar, cooking apron, an alphabet game, tangram puzzle and more.
  • mixed red and yellow paint to make different shades of orange. We then made beautiful sunset pictures. The next day we used black to paint silhouettes. 
  • made minty, white playdough for our winter animals to play with.
  • learnt about taking away by singing 10 in the bed.
  • built a big rain den in the garden which was very challenging on a windy morning!
  • used the iPads to read simple sentences.
  • created a new Snack Agreement to make sure we are all eating with nice manners at snack time.
  • made obstacle courses in the garden with loose parts.


  • learnt to recognise their names and attempted to write them.  Matched objects to their Initial sound. Played rhyming games such as cake bake and Super Smoothie and identified the odd one out when listening to their initial sounds.
  • counted and matched quantity to numeral.




  • read Spider Sandwich and wrote their own odd ingredients for sandwiches.
  • started to read questions with a yes or no answer.
  • learnt the cursive formation for the letters: c, o, a,
  • continued learning about addition and subtraction. We mentioned that there is a link between adding and taking away.


Next week we will:

  • focus on people who help us in our school community.
  • generate questions to ask the people in our school and then go and conduct interviews.
  • make group posters showing the information we found out and then present them.


  • show and tell has proved very popular this week so we will continue this for another week.


Find out who helps you at home and what they do to help you. Can you think of a way to share your information? (pictures, photos, lists, mind map)

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