Friday, 10th February 2017

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Learning in the Lower School


E Safety Week
It has been E-Safety/Safer Internet Week in the Lower School this week. Mrs. Rehman and the Lower School Digital Leaders gave a nice introductory assembly on Monday about using the Internet sensibly and safely, with a particular emphasis on what information to share and how to be more aware of potential risks. Throughout the week the students and staff have been offering their top tips. Please click here to view a visual presentation of their tips. I think it is important to say that the Internet is a wonderful resource for learning, but it is important that we equip children with the necessary knowledge and skills to use it effectively and safely. You may be interested to find out more through the following website:


Musical Therapy

We all experienced a bit of musical therapy when Mr Mastoridis hosted a peripatetic assembly on Tuesday. Several parents were invited to watch their children perform. We had several pianists, poetry recitals, singers,  story tellers and a clarinet player. It was a lovely event. The children all performed well. I really liked Shion's piano rendition of the Elephant March and  Aadi's Two Little Dickie Birds. It was lovely to see Sofia perform Adante on the clarinet and Gali and Lola sang very well together. I said at the assembly that learning to play an instrument or learning a poem or a song always involves making lots of mistakes and then having the perseverance, commitment and patience to learn from them, time and time again. All of the children who performed demonstrated these skills and attributes very well and deserve our respect, admiration and congratulations.


Lower School Scientists visit Upper School

Our Lower School Dwight Scientists visited the cool Upper School this week to learn how to use the laser cutter. The Dwight Scientists designed a keyring with their name on it using CAD (Computer Aided Design) and saw it cut on CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). They printed their keyrings on acrylic and plywood. Mr. Turner and Mr. Johnson, the Design and Technology teachers, guided the children through the process and everyone felt they were challenged and gaining a new skill. The teachers were amazed by the listening skills and knowledge the Dwight Scientists displayed during our workshop. Here are some photos of their time in the Upper School <link>



We have given out our Mid Year Reports today. Each report details the learning and progress that has taken place since the last reports. The back page offers some follow up targets to encourage the students to develop further. Please take your time to read through them and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher. 


Ace Time

We concluded the week with early morning Ace Times. This is a key event in the school, it is a time for reflection, when parents are invited in and they can be part of their child's learning journey, they can look at some great pieces of school work, they can celebrate with their child and link the work to the IB Learner Profile.


Year 5 took this one step further and hosted a Mini Exhibition on how the Earth, the Solar System and the Universe impacts on human lives. They shared their research for  and presented their findings in creative and interesting ways.



Winning Dwight Scientists Logo

In last weeks newsletter we mentioned that Tamar in Y6 was the winner of the Dwight Scientists logo competition. Here is her winning logo!


  • School finishes at 3.40pm and children who are not involved in after school clubs must be offsite no later than 4.00pm. 
  • Please do not park on the yellow zig-zag lines outside school at any time. It is illegal and could result in a fine and penalty points on your licence.
  • If you arrive late at school, please bring your child to the office to register, we will then ensure that your child gets to their class. You can also email the school at

The Week Ahead

  • Next week it is our half term break
  • The Upper School will be hosting the M5 Personal Project Exhibition on 28th February at 6pm. The students have made a great promotional video, please take the time to view it here. Everyone is welcome to attend.
  • Class Photograph Day in the Lower School is scheduled for Wednesday, 1st March.
  • Our Talent Show auditions start during the first week back after half-term, further details are available from Mr Mastoridis.
  • Year 3 visit Chiltern Open Air Museum on Thursday, 23rd February.
  • Year 4 and Year 5 parents are invited into school on Friday, 24th February  to talk about the residential trips that take place in March. Both talks will take place from 8.50 - 9.30am and will be hosted in the year group classrooms .

Updates and Key dates for 2017

  1. Next half term we will be inviting Parents to come to our EAL for Parents sessions again. This has been running since January and is led by one of our EAL teachers Mrs. Kendal. If you have been part of this and would like to sign up again for 3 more weeks please click here. For new families wishing to join, please email
  2. Year 5 have their 3-day & 2 night residential trip in Suffolk from 22-24th March.
  3. Year 4 have their 2 day & 1 night residential trip in Greater London from 23-24th March.
  4. Book Week celebrations begin on Monday, 27th February and various activities will take place each day. On Thursday, 2nd March We are very pleased to announce that we will be hosting the author  Chrissie Gittins. She will be running workshops and assemblies for all year groups in the Lower School. On Friday, 3rd March we will be hosting our annual Come to school dressed as a book character day. I wonder what the staff will dress up as? Our Parent association are also having our Book Week Disco on Friday, 3rd March for Years 3- 6. More details to follow.
  5. Dwight Lower School International Fun Run and Breakfast takes place on Friday, 31st March.  

Super Question and Language of the Week

Last week our question was an easy one ..Can you name a country that has all 5 vowels in it? Mozambique was the correct answer from Alex in Year 3. He wins a sparky for being knowledgeable. Next week we would like to know how many years has queen Elizabeth !II been the Queen? ( She recently had an anniversary).

This term we are looking at South American countries as part of learning languages and after the half-term break we are looking at Suriname. I wonder what language is spoken there? 

Have a good break

Matt Parkin
Lower School Principal

Dwight Parent Association Events


Quiz Night

Come join us for a fundraising evening of fun and games as you and your team (10-12 people) go up against other Dwight staff and parents for a night of trivia! There will be a variety of questions ranging from sports, to history, to art, to music, to pop culture, so everyone can participate!

As this is a major fundraiser for the Dwight Parent Association, there will also be some other games and a raffle with great prizes!

Sign up on your own or get with your friends or year group and put a whole team together!


Saturday - 11 February 2017
All day
Sunday - 12 February 2017
All day
Monday - 13 February 2017
All day

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