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Upper School News

Personal Project Evening - 6pm Tuesday, 28th February
The M5 students are getting ready for their Personal Project Evening, to be held on 28th February. This celebrates the completion of the Personal Project for M5, as well as being the first introduction to it for M4. Everyone in the school community is welcome to visit and to see some of the the original and unique work that the students have completed independently in their own time. It is one of the central parts of the IBMYP and as you can see from the images above and here, it is well worth a visit.

Libary Update
A Dwight School London book list for M1 to M3 has been created and posted on the school website here. Our main aim is to promote independent reading habits both in fiction and non-fiction books so that natural extensive and extended reading takes place in the classroom and beyond which is purposeful, social and helps cognition. We hope that our initiative of introducing a non-fiction booklist, recommended by curricular departments will particularly help to develop greater subject knowledge and interest.

Personalised Learning and Sparking the Genius
Students are required to read at least 5 non-fiction books from a choice of subject areas and 5 fiction books each academic year.  For students new to English some of these books could be read in their home language. Each student will be required to participate in a review session of READ and TALK, once a month for 15 minutes during lunch time. These sessions will be aimed at promoting social communication skills and enhancing reading habits. Students will have assembly opportunities for book reviews and promotion through the school website.

Some teachers may recommend a suitable non-fiction book that relates to a unit they are teaching as a starter or a plenary in their lessons.

The initial booklist is a modest reading endeavour and by no means exhaustive. We hope to update and expand this booklist as and when curricular departments and students suggest additions. The school website will provide future updates.

How you can support us
Parents and students are also welcome to recommend any books to enhance the booklist and we request parents/carers to donate suitable books that have been enjoyed by your child. We would also welcome books in your child's home language. 

We hope to organise a book fair shortly at Dwight. We will provide you with more information closer to the date and we hope many of you will be able to attend.

Spirit Week
As we come back from the half-term break we will be going into our annual Spirit Week, organised by the M5 students under the guidance of Mr. Lowry. A planning committee has been hard at work to prepare for this week, designed to raise school spirit during these dark cold and wet months of the winter.

M5 Options
Mr. Johnson has issued a letter to all M5 students, about the subject choices they are making for IB Diploma. Please note that he would like these replies as quickly as possible after the half term break.

M3 Families
If you have not already done so, please do submit your form concerning subject preferences for M4 and M5.

Institut Francais - French field trip

On Thursday, 2nd February, M3 and M4 students who study French went on a day trip to the Institut Francais in South Kensington to study and watch an animation movie, titled Adama, by Simon Rouby (2015).

It's 1914 and 12-year-old Adama lives with his elder brother Samba in a small west African village. They have been raised to be naturally sceptical of the negative forces or spirits that live outside the community, so the family is shocked when Samba runs away to become a warrior. Adama leaves the village soon after in order to search for him. His epic journey takes him across several continents and forces the boy to take stock of the world at large, particularly a war-strewn Europe where, it becomes clear, Samba has been sent to the front line trenches to fight. Adama is a richly animated film that deals with an important chapter in world history.

In the morning, the students followed a workshop introducing them to the different themes presented in the movie. They learned lots of new vocabulary and found out a great deal about the cultural background of WW1 and the French colonies. After lunch, they were able to watch the movie.

Upcoming Trips

IBDP Spanish B and Spanish Ab-Initio: Flamenco Festival

Friday, 24th February 7.30pm. Sadler's Wells.


The IBDP students will attend the Flamenco festival on Friday, 24th February. The show, Gala Flamenca, will take place at 7.30pm and is expected to finish after 9.00pm. All students will receive their tickets the day before the event and they will meet their teachers at the theatre from 7.00-7.20pm. Latecomers will not be admitted. Please note that after the performance all students are expected to make their own way home.

Sadler's Wells Theatre & the Lilian Baylis Studio

Rosebery Avenue

London EC1R 4TN

By Tube

Angel (Northern Line City Branch) is a 250-metre walk from Sadler's Wells.

Dwight Parent Association Events

Quiz Night

Come join us for a fundraising evening of fun and games as you and your team (10-12 people) go up against other Dwight staff and parents for a night of trivia! There will be a variety of questions ranging from sports, to history, to art, to music, to pop culture, so everyone can participate!


As this is a major fundraiser for the Dwight Parent Association, there will also be some other games and a raffle with great prizes!

Sign up on your own or get with your friends or year group and put a whole team together!



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