Friday, 10th February 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,

This week we:
  • added more resources to the Hospital role play area, such as a bed, X-rays, more equipment and notes pads for 'writing'.
  • looked at photographs of the people in our school that help us. Small groups of children went to interview those people to find out more about their job and how that helps us.
  • spent a lovely afternoon in Swan Lane park where we enjoyed some Winter sunshine and used the play equipment.
  • continued with show and tell - the children are getting very good at asking questions to each other and our presenters are getting more confident.
  • made Valentine's Day Cards and heart-shaped biscuits.
  • built a den in the classroom using rope and material
    played games in the playground such as What's the Time Mister Wolf.
  • used QR codes to research about fossils. Mrs. Weber kindly bought some fossils for our mystery corner. We also used the digital microscope to get a closer look at the detail.
  • built a big obstacle course in the garden that included a surfboard to balance on.
  • enjoyed welcoming parents to the classroom during ACE time, thank you for joining us.
  • celebrated Ruby's 4th birthday with some delicious cupcakes.

Kindergarten have:

  • started to learn about pronouncing sounds correctly ready to begin recognising sounds. We have included the following videos if you are unsure about the correct pronunciation of the sounds. The second video has the Jolly Phonics songs that we use when teaching the sounds.
  • recognised numerals to 5 then 10 and then using a 1 minute timer to place the numbers in order.
  • played games to identify initial sounds in words and consolidated knowledge about rhyming and alliteration.
  • played games to learn about oral segmenting and blending.


Reception have:
  • looked at nonsense pictures and tried to write a caption about them. They are doing well at remembering to start with a capital letter and end with a full stop.
  • investigated different ways to complete addition problems such as using cubes, counting in our heads, using a number line and asking Google! They also discovered that it does not matter which way around you add two numbers together, you will still get the same answer.
  • read simple captions about the Oxford Reading Tree books, cut out the words, jumbled them and then placed them back in the same order again.


  • We had been advised by BEYA  (Barnet Early Years Alliance) that we can no longer give the children cherry tomatoes or grapes unless they have been cut into quarters. If your child is bringing grapes or tomatoes in their snack or lunch box, please ensure you have cut them into smaller pieces first.

  • We now have a junk modelling area so would like to ask you to start collecting small boxes, tubes, yogurt pots etc for us please.


We would like ALL children to complete this task please as we will be completing an activity after half term. The children will be using some of the skills they have learnt in researching, collecting information, organising information and presenting. They will make a poster about themselves to present to their friends. In order to complete this poster at school, they will need to bring photos or objects that they want to include on their poster. This could be a picture of their favourite toy, their family members, pets, favourite food wrapper etc. We will start to work on these posters on Wednesday, 22nd February and would like all children to be able to participate. We are happy to print pictures for you if you email them to us:  or

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