Friday, 3rd March 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


This week we have celebrated Book Week alongside our People Who Help Us Unit.

This week we:
  • presented our All About Me posters. The children talked about their favourite things and their friends asked them questions.

  • enjoyed splashing in the puddles on a rainy Monday.

  • read The Jolly Postman and used this to decorate our classroom door for Book Week. The children wrote letters which are displayed on the door.

  • made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and extended this play in the malleable area by pretending to cook pancakes on the grill and using bottles with different toppings.

  • attended the Talent Show auditions.

  • went on a journey to The Fairy Tale Forest with Perform (a drama company).

  • walked to Finchley Post Office to post a parcel on behalf of Mrs. Weber. It is going all the way to Germany!

  • cooked rainbow pizza, we used different ingredients to make the colours of the rainbow.

  • had guest readers: Mrs. Hornshaw and Ot's mum as well as  Mrs. Bamberger reading in French.

  • played with the puppets we made last week. The children have been making up their own stories using puppets.

  • had show and tell on Wednesday - the star of the show was a moving robot!

  • dressed up as book characters.


  • learned about syllables and sorted their names by the number of syllables.
  • counted and attempted to write numerals. We had a counting jar with fruits from the story Handa's Surprise.
  • sang the Jolly Phonics songs.
  • played Simon says please find something beginning with ….
  • continued to play games involving oral blending.


  • looked at the sound 'th' and realised it can be a longer sound as in bath or a shorter sound as in then. This is one of the trickier sounds so if you find opportunities to draw attention to this sound in reading books, please point it out to your child.
  • learned about doubling numbers by using a doubling cup. The children chose a number and put the correct amount of counters in one cup and then they put the same amount of counters into the second cup. Then counted how many altogether.
  • learned about halving and investigated which numbers could be split into two equal halves.
  • made our own books based on The Blue Balloon by Mick Inkpen.


  • Thank you to Ruby's mum for giving each child a book and to Nadezhda's mum for the Spring bracelets.

  • We would like to introduce Anna Robertson to our class. She is from Stenden University and is working alongside the EYFS team as part of her teaching practice.


Next week we will be looking at our Key Concept CAUSATION. In order to begin to understand cause and effect, we would like the children to carry out a science experiment at home. Please click the link below if you would like some ideas.


The children will have an opportunity to share the results of their experiment on Tuesday.


Have a great weekend.

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