Friday, 10th March 2017


Early Years Newsletter


 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception


Dear Parents,


This week we looked at the Key Concept of 'Causation' (why is it the way it is?) and Miss Robertson conducted some fun experiments that demonstrated cause and effect.

This week we:
  • added water to Skittles and M&Ms and watched the colours mix with water.
  • put celery in coloured water and observed the celery leaves changing colours.
  • made lava lamps with oil, water and fizzy vitamin tablets.
  • explored materials to help us build marble runs. We are entering a Barnet Marble Run competition. We also invested in a new 'Sky Track; marble run which is more challenging and has yielded some excellent problem solving .
  • had our Wednesday Show and Tell - we are SO impressed with the questions that the children are asking each other. We will continue this every WEDNESDAY.
  • had lots of creative ideas in the Junk Modelling area. Some of the children decided that they wanted to make bird feeders and we now have some hanging on our deck - we are waiting patiently to see if the birds will visit.
  • talked about cause and effect but linking it to things we observe in the classroom. For example, leaving the lids off of the glue causes the glue to dry up. This all links to our learning about the key concept of causation.
  • watched videos that children had sent to school showing the experiments they conducted at home. We enjoyed this immensely and it is wonderful to see the children taking action at home that helps to extend their learning. If you didn't have the opportunity to do this yet, or if you would like to conduct another experiment, then please do!
  • cooked egg-free cupcakes.
  • enjoyed watching the Year 2 assembly.


  • went on a trip to Friary Park.
  • attempted to write the letters s and a on whiteboards.
  • counted the number of shells in the counting jar.
  • learnt about the sound 'a' by matching objects beginning with this sound.
  • wrote numerals and letters on whiteboards.


  • wrote captions remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
  • learnt about doubling and halving.
  • used scales to complete problem solving activities linked to balance.
  • learnt the new sounds: ai and ee and wrote the captions I am in the rain and 'I can see a tree.
  • recognised numerals up to 20.

Next week we will continue working on the concept of causation as we really feel this is something the children are enjoying.


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