Friday, 17th March 2017


Early Years Newsletter


 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception


Dear Parents,

This week we:
  • continued to look at causation by setting up a science lab role play area. The children mixed their own potions and chose the quantities of flour/water/salt pasta that they wanted to add.
  • put different substances onto ice to see which would help it to melt more quickly (sand, salt, coffee, water, paint).
  • had a perfume making station with fresh flowers and water.
  • explored our new sky track marble run and also discovered that wooden train tracks make excellent marble runs.
  • explored sunset silhouettes by projecting a sunset picture onto the wall and used building blocks to create the shadows.
  • measured using non-standard units.
  • painted with watercolours and did an experiment to separate the ink from pens. We discovered that the black pens contain purple, yellow and blue ink!
  • drew with chalk in the big playground.
  • watched the Talent Show and enjoyed listening to different instruments and watching dance acts.



  • learnt about the sound 't' and revised s and a.
  • had a go at writing 't'.
  • played phonics games including an initial sounds bingo game using s,a and t cards.
  • made a height chart to find out who was the tallest.
  • sorted a pile of clothes by initial sound.
  • counted objects in the counting jar.
  • started their work with Ms Robertson and have listened to some stories about Global Citizenship. They are making some very interesting comments so far.
  • went on a lovely Spring walk in Highgate Woods. We tried to have a 2 minute 'Mindfulness' moment but the children found it quite challenging to lay down and be still and quiet for that time. We will keep practising.
  • in line with our work about causation, we looked at how changing the initial sound of a word causes it to become a new word. The children wrote a word string using 'at' as the root word.
  • learnt the new sounds 'ee' and 'oo' (both long as in moon and short as in book).


  • If you have any old white shirts suitable for the children to wear as lab coats in our new role play area, please send them to school. Thank you!
  • Just a reminder that if your child has vomitted or had diarrhea, it is school policy to keep them at home for 48 hours before returning to school. This is to allow your child the chance to recover and to prevent any viruses from spreading to the other children and staff members. Thank you!



We are approaching the end of our Unit of Inquiry about People Who Help Us and the final task will be to make a poster about someone that helps us (in school/home/community.) At home, start completing research for what information they want to include on their poster. Perhaps you can find pictures they want to include or interesting facts. Let your child lead this as much as possible.


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