Friday, 24th March 2017


Early Years Newsletter


 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception


Dear Parents,

We spent the week revisiting our Unit of Inquiry 'All About Me' by having a focus on family.

This week we:
  • wrote about our family. This is part of a Writing Development task where the children completed a piece of unaided writing each half term. This helps us build up a lovely record of their writing progress from drawing and making marks on paper, right up to writing full sentences.

  • the Dwight Scientists came to visit us and demonstrated some experiments. This was to support our learning about causation.

  • made chocolate goop with cornflour, baby oil and cocoa powder and the children enjoyed moulding it.

  • did some Funky Fingers activities to strengthen our fingers for writing, for example, threading, manipulating playdough and some gross motor exercises.

  •  made Mother's Day Cards by weaving and sewing and then wrote messages to our lovely mums.

  •  painted on tin foil.

  •  made pictures of our families using lollipop sticks.

  •  continued to make fabulous marble runs using our sky track system. The children are now mastering this and being really creative with their thinking.

  •  made cupcakes for Red Nose Day.

  • went on a rainy visit to Friary Park to look for evidence of Spring.
  • played a memory game with characters from songs, played Mr Wizard where children had to cross a river and give the wizard something beginning with a chosen sound and they also played Silly Soup using objects beginning with s, a, t.
  • counted shiny beads in the counting jar.
  • recognised numerals 1 - 10 (or 11 - 20 as appropriate).
  • represented numerals on whiteboards.




  • continued to listen to stories with Ms. Robertson about global citizenship.
  • played lots of games to help recognise numerals above 10 such as bingo and various games on the Interactive Whiteboard.
  • learnt the sounds: oa (as in boat).
  • read captions and matched them to the correct pictures.
  • wrote numerals on the tuff trays using chalks.
  • went on a number hunt around school and looked for 2-digit numbers.


The children read a book called The World Came to my Place Today. This demonstrated to the children how we have products and objects in our homes that come from all over the world.


Make a poster to show how international your home is, For example: which country did your food come from? In which country was the TV show you watched made? Where did your favourite toy come from? How many countries can you find represented in your home? You may be interested to look at a map and see where these countries are.



If you are able to bring food for the International Breakfast next week, please can you sign up here.


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