Dear Parents,

There has been a case of chickenpox and of head lice reported in the Lower School.

Chickenpox is a common illness.  Fever and cold symptoms are often the first sign of illness and are followed by the appearance of a rash. The rash starts as small pink bumps, often around the neck, ears, back and stomach.

Please take the necessary precautions and inform the school if your child has chickenpox. Your GP can advise you further and you can access more information via this NHS weblink. chickenpox/Pages/Introduction. aspx

Head lice are also a common problem, which can affect anyone, but are most prevalent among children. As head lice can occur throughout the year, we encourage you to check your son/daughter's head regularly.

If you are worried about head lice, or you want further information, you can ask your GP or pharmacist.  Alternatively, go to Head-lice/Pages/Introduction. aspx

Kind regards


Anne Welch
Welfare Officer                                   


Dwight School London

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