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Welcome back 

I hope you had a good break. I wish you well for a successful (and warmer) Summer Term.

Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day this week. The Eco Rangers led an informative assembly about the history of Earth Day. the purpose of Earth Day and some useful habits for Earth Day. They included information about reusing, recycling and reducing. They sang songs that reinforced good Earth Day friendly habits. Sterre in Y5 explained how even the smallest steps help the Earth. She emphasised the importance of a healthy planet that we will be passing on to future generations.


Each class then took it upon themselves to take learning about Earth Day a step further by exploring their local environment:

  • Our Kindergarten and Reception classes went for a walk in the local environment to look for signs of spring.
  • Year 1 completed a Litter Survey based on Michael Recycle and Litterbug Doug.
  • Year 2 looked at what food is grown in the allotments and classified how it grows, eg. underground, on bushes, trees etc.
  • Year 3 named as many different plants and trees in the local environment that they could.
  • Year 4 compiled an Insect Survey. They discussed that bees and other insects are in decline and what is the impact of that decline.
  • Year 5 went on an alphabet hunt, where they had to  find letters in nature and photograph them.
  • Year 6 discussed how being out in the local environment makes you feel? They thought about how fresh air, green views, stillness and respecting nature helped both their physical and mental health.


Thank you to Mrs. Weber and Mrs. Sutton for helping to organise our Earth Day. A special Thank-you to our Eco rangers who continue to help us become better citizens.

 Year 6 Prefect Clubs

It was the second week of our Prefect Clubs this week. On Thursday, Ines S, Josh and Jake ran their Indoor Games Club following on from their Wink Murder Games in week 1. Rebecca, Iria and Yasmina started to decorate t-shirts as part of their T-shirt Decorating Club. Meanwhile on Friday, Ella, Rony and Shira gave the children in their club opportunities to pipe different icing and decorations onto their cupcakes. (yum yum)


Dwight Clubs

Our Lower School Clubs start next week. We have offered over twelve different clubs this term including some new and exciting ones such as Science Club, Radio Club, Cartoon Club  and even a  Ballroom Dancing Club! All clubs run after school from 2nd May until 30th June (for 8 weeks). A list of children in each club has already been sent out and as always we expect the children in the clubs to demonstrate commitment and be open minded about new skills and activities.

Ski Championships

This week two children in the Lower School joined with their colleagues in the Upper School to represent Dwight in the Inter-schools competition. Alexander and Igor from Year 6, along with students from the Upper School had the opportunity to compete in the ISA Indoor Skiing Championships at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. The standard of competition was incredibly high with our students competing against nationally ranked and sponsored skiers, but we were proud of their efforts. A big thank you to Miss Mills and Mrs. Miley for accompanying the team and a special to mention to Igor who was our fastest junior racer on the day.


Would you like to help us?
In our knitting activity in the Upper School, we knit squares to make cot blankets for the baby wards/units at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi. Even in Africa, keeping (premature) babies warm can be a challenge. The blankets will be used to help these little babies in the hospital and, if needed, will be given to parents to take home with their baby.

We are asked to knit 20cm x 20cm squares that will be joined together in Malawi to keep mailing costs low.

Would you like to knit a square for us? That would be great!
You can knit them in any colour and any yarn-weight but we do prefer double-knit (the yarn you use with 4-5mm needles) and in a yarn that is easy to wash and that is safe for babies (no beads, ...). Please leave a 50cm end of yarn attached to your square for joining.

You can ask you son/daughter to deliver it to either the Lower or Upper School office. Thank you!


  • We are double checking school uniform, please check the website to ensure that your child has the right clothing and equipment.
  • The roads outside the school are still busy and I wish to remind you to take care especially during drop-off and pick-up.
  • If you arrive late at school, please take your child to the office to register, we will then ensure he/she gets to their class. You can also email the school at

The Week Ahead

  • There is no school on Monday, 1st May as it is a National Bank Holiday known as May Day.
  • Our After school Clubs start on Tuesday, 2nd May.
  • Our New York Exchange starts on 6th May when we welcome Dwight New York students to our school.

Updates and Key dates for Term 3 2017

  1. Our Year 6 exhibition is on 15th June.
  2. Our Arts Depot Show is on 30th June ( see below).
  3. Our Lower School Sports Day is on 5th July.

Arts Depot Concert

Tickets are now available for the Lower and Upper School Concert at the Arts Depot in June. Click here to book your seats!



Super Question and Language of the Week

Last week our Super Question was to find a new pound coin. Miya and Miku both got a sparky for being the first. This week we asked the children What election for a president started on Sunday April 23rd?

Matt Parkin
Lower School Principal



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