Friday, 28th April 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Welcome back! We hope that you enjoyed the Easter Holidays and are feeling refreshed and ready for the final term. We are starting our new Unit of Inquiry about Water. You should receive a curriculum overview shortly detailing the learning for the final term.

This week we:
  • looked at the cups of water that we prepared before the holidays. Each child filled a cup and marked where the water line was. We left them over the 3- week break to see what would happen. We discovered that some of the water had disappeared! Simon was convinced the teachers had been drinking that water!
  • boiled a pan of water to observe the steam rising. When asked where they thought the steam was going some speculated that it might be going on vacation. They were very surprised to discover that after it had been boiling for a long time that the water had all disappeared completely!
  • enjoyed playing with the small sea animals from around the world - and singing songs about sea creatures.
  • planted some seeds in our garden.

  • read stories and sang songs about water.

  • celebrated Earth Day by attending an assembly and visiting Swan Lane park to look for evidence of Spring.

  • cooked pizza and carefully counted out the ingredients that went on top e.g 1 slice of cheese, 3 olives, 2 slices of mushroom etc.

  • Used the sensory room to explore light, dark and shadows.

  • Reviewed the sounds: s, a, t, p.

  •  Played a bingo game to work on numeral recognition. Some children enjoyed it so much that they made their own games to take home.

  •  Talked about what they had done during their school holidays.


  • Recognised numbers up to 20 (and beyond) and put them in order.

  • Made mind maps showing our knowledge of where you can find water and how we use it.

  • Wrote about what they had done during the holidays.

  • Did some problem-solving activities by trying to balance scales with water.


How did you use water at home this weekend? Can you find a way to share what you found out? (poster, photos, list, video)


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