Friday, 5th May 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,

This week we:
  • looked at all of the water presentations. We had some posters and a lovely video too!

  • read the story of Mrs. Wishy Washy and re-enacted the story using costumes and props.  

  • played in the new laundry area in the garden, washing all of the baby clothes.

  • talked about evaporation by asking Where do puddles go? We also put wet clothes on the drier and used a hair drier to demonstrate evaporation.

  • read the story Drippy the Raindrop.

  • cooked cupcakes.

  • did bubble wrap printing.

  • set up a cafe role play area and the children are doing lots of mark making there.

  • made an obstacle course in the garden.

  • put recipes in the mud kitchen for children to read and follow the instructions.

  • did bubble painting by blowing through straws.

  • put different materials into tins and the children had to feel them and talk about the textures e.g warm/cold water, baby oil, sand, air.

  • made an insta-cloud in a bottle and used cotton wool and water to demonstrate how clouds get heavy and release water as rain.


  • ordered numerals 1 - 10 and played a game to hang the washing in the correct order.
  • (may not work on an iPad).
  • played a clapping game where they had to clap the correct number of times.
  • introduced the sound 'i' and revised s,a,t,p .
  • wrote i on the whiteboards.


  • ordered numerals 1 - 10 and played a game to hang the washing in the correct order (may not work on an iPad)

  • wrote numbers on pieces of clothing and ordered them on a washing line.

  • problem solving with water and ordering containers by quantity.

  • practised cursive letter formation.

  • retold the story of Mrs Wishy Washy by using props.

  • wrote their own versions of Mrs Wishy Washy in individual books.

Next week we will look at condensation and will explore the properties of ice. Reception will visit Finchley Nurseries to buy some flowers and seeds to plant in our vegetable patch.


Make a tally chart showing the number of times you drank water over the weekend.


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