Friday, 12th May 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,

We were very happy to see the sunshine in the middle of the week after a chilly few days!

  • planted flowers and vegetables in our garden.
  • conducted an experiment to find out who could keep their ice cube from melting quickly. The children were given a range of materials to wrap around an ice cube and we checked every 5 minutes to see if the ice cube was still there. We found out that the thick, furry material worked the best!
  • did some data handling activities such as watching a video clip of an aquarium and counting the different colours of fish.
  • enjoyed playing at the B&Q store. All of the children were eager to 'write' their orders and receive the toys they wanted to play with.
  • used colourful water to make potions and learn about colour mixing.
  • learnt about condensation. We placed a bottle of ice above a pan of steaming water so that the children could see condensation forming.
  • started our linked provision as the children arrive at school. We are encouraging the children to look for their mini-m' because we have set up activities that will support them in their next steps.
  • made cookies with Ms. Robertson.
  • visited Mrs. Cook's allotment to see how she is preparing it for growing fruits and vegetables. We also observed the busy bee hives.
  • painted with pipettes and watery paints.
  • enhanced the creative table as the children are showing great interest in making models and pictures.


  • played an estimating game where they had to guess how many spoonfuls of bubbles they could fit into different sized containers.
  • learnt about the sound 'n' and played a bingo game with the sounds: s, a, t, p, i, n.
  • read the words: it, at, in, is, sat, pat, sap, sit, pit, tip, pip, sip, pin and tap.
  • learnt how to write 'n' using play swords and wands (pirate and fairy writing).
  • estimated and counted how many ice cubes fit into a container.


went to Finchley Nurseries to buy some vegetables, herbs and flowers to plant in our garden and vegetable patch.
  • made a mind map showing where you can find water which they used to write a poem at the end of the week.
  • did some Maths activities linked to capacity where we emptied two larger containers into smaller containers to compare the difference.
  • began learning about number bonds to 10 (6+4, 7+3 5+5 etc).
  • learnt about the sounds ai and ee. The children wrote a caption using the ai sound.

We would like to collect books and stories and songs about ducks in preparation for the arrival of our ducklings. We will have a focus on non-fiction books next week so you might like to research some facts about ducks too.


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