Friday, 19th May 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,

We have been enjoying Science Week and our duck eggs hatched!

This week we:

  • Participated in Science Week by conducting experiments, attending a Science Boffins demonstration and building a bridge for the competition.
  • Welcomed our ducklings: Pooch, Flip Flop, Poppy and Rosie. We are still hoping for two more to hatch. The children wrote letters to the eggs telling them to hurry up and hatch!
  • Made playdough ducks.
  • Wrote Hatch Announcements for our ducklings.
  • Read The Pig in the Pond and acted it out with costumes.
  • Used a digital SLR to take pictures of water splashes - we made a video of the results.
  • Used watery paint to make pictures.
  • Watched Year 5 recite a poem when they came over for book buddies.
  • Watched Duck TV. Our live stream from the duck brooder to the other classroom.
  • Made a new slime recipe.
  • Did funky fingers activities and dough gym.


  • Went to Highgate Woods.
  • Did a counting activity where they had to pick out marbles from a tub of water in 1 minute and then count and record the total.
  • Played Get the Dinner Ready where they have to set the table for the right number of guests.
  • Introduced 'm' and played games such as Mr Wizard where the children were segmenting and blending phonemes


  • Worked on their number bonds to 10.
  • Learnt about non-fiction and the features you might find in a non-fiction book e.g index, contents, real information.
  • Did sinking and floating activities, sorting materials according to whether they float or sink.

Ms. Robertson has finished her teaching practice and is leaving us this week. We would like to thank her for everything she has done during her time here. The children have really enjoyed learning with her.


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