Dear Parents

On Tuesday, 20th June, we will be hosting three-way conferences. The conference will include you, your child and your child's class teacher.

The Three-way conference is titled as such because it involves three groups; the class teacher, you, the parents, and your child. It is an expectation of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) that all IB schools demonstrate this as a feature of their school. The premise is that the child should be able to celebrate and discuss their learning. It is a time for them to reflect upon their work. It is also a time for identifying strengths and areas for improvements by establishing targets together.

The Portfolio is a record of your child's involvement in learning and provides a picture of their progress and development. Evidence of learning has been taken from a range of experiences and curriculum areas; demonstrating the development of knowledge, conceptual understanding, skills and attitudes to learning. The Portfolio entries document both the process of learning as well as the end product. During the course of the year each individual child has selected work that they would like to include in their Portfolio. The teachers have also chosen a selection of work to be included in each child's Portfolio.

The work which has been selected for each child's Portfolio will be used to guide the Three-way conference.

Please take the time to explore the Portfolio and your child's accomplishments over the year. Attached to the Portfolio are several 'thumbs up' tags. If you have not already  selected items with a 'thumbs up' tag, please go ahead and select items of work that you feel are worthy of special recognition and write a comment on the tag. Please bring the Portfolio with you to the conference or return it back to your child's class teacher by Monday, 19th June. Your child will bring home their Portfolio this Friday.

On the conference day, we will be using the Hall as a Conferencing room and the Art Room as a parent waiting area for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. The Kindergarten, Reception, Years 1 and 2 classes will meet in their respective classrooms at the Lodge.

Although conferences start at 3pm - 6.30pm, the school will continue until normal time and Homework Club (DASH) will be the only club available after school until 4.45pm on Tuesday, 20th June. We will assume all bus children will be travelling home on the bus as usual unless you contact the school office in advance to inform us otherwise.

Please click here to go to our online conference time slot booking form. Booking must be done by Friday, 16th of June, you will then be notified of your 10-minute time slot within the 30-minute time frame that you chose.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, 20th of June.

Kind regards

Matt Parkin, 
Lower School Principal


Dwight School London

6, Friern Barnet Lane. N11 3LX

+44 208 8920 0600