Friday, 30th June 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


This week we:

  • started to complete our end of Unit assessments. We learnt about the water cycle and the journey of a water drop. The children then showed their knowledge by drawing their own water cycle.
  • enjoyed sharing the Map of My Family action homework. Thank you for taking part.
  • wrote letters to the fairies in the fairy garden.
  • have been practising for Sports Day on 5th July.
  • made lavender playdough.
  • made water ramps and investigated how quickly bottle lids could travel down.
  • had a 1-minute timer challenge area where the children had to see what they could do in 1 minute. For example, write their name, stack lego blocks, thread cheerios etc.
  • painted rainbows by mixing different colours.
  • read Little Red Riding Hood to look at story language and sequencing.
  • made shape biscuits for the EYFS cake sale.


  • introduced the sound o and thought of things beginning with this sound.
  • learnt how to form the letter on mini whiteboards.
  • read The Haircut and made up our own story by using the pictures.
  • recognised numbers 1-10 and 10-20.
  • counted objects in the counting jar.
  • played shape bingo.


  • continued to learn about time by using small clocks to tell the time to o'clock and half past.
  • reviewed the sounds we have learnt so far this year and wrote short captions.
  • wrote letters to Mr. Parkin asking him to buy us a new tree for our garden as we have been so good at recycling this year.
  • worked on mental addition and subtraction problems as well as saying the number one more or one less than a given number.
  • recognised and ordered numerals up to 20 (and above where appropriate).
  • completed a piece of writing called All About Me as part of our termly writing assessment. The children have made very pleasing progress with their writing this year! 
  • made addition flow-charts where we started at a given number and then continued to add different amounts: 4 + 2 + 3 + 4 = ?
  • partitioned teen numbers into tens and ones.                     
  • Sports Day will be on 5th July. Please remember to meet us directly at the sports field, Dale Green Road, N11 1DJ. The children need to wear their House colours. If you do not know their House, please ask us.
  • we will have an end of year celebration on Friday, 7th July. There is a sign-up sheet available on a clipboard on top of the children's drawers. If you are unable to get to school, please just let us know by email what you would like to bring. We will aim to start eating the food at 2.45pm and all parents are welcome to come along and celebrate this successful year.
  • we are beginning our end of year clear out. Please can you take home the wellies from the entrance and start clearing out trays? Also remind us on the last day to return your suncream.
  • after the class assembly, we have not been able to locate Nora's mouse costume. It is possible it may have been taken home by mistake. Please can you check at home to see if you have it in a bag somewhere? Thank you!
  • Please start to return any school reading books and spare uniform.
  • we will not be sending reading books home next week but we will send home a literacy activity instead as we want to start collecting and organising our books ready for the next term.
  • we found a pair of size 12 black trainers with a Star Wars Storm Trooper they look unused and we can't find an owner for them.
  • please return blue portfolios before the summer holidays.


Have a great weekend.


Dwight School London

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