Friday, 30th June 2017

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Learning in the Lower School

Lovely Feedback

We are now coming to the end of yet another successful year in the Lower School, the trips, the events, the hard work, the laughter, the assemblies, the visitors have all helped us become a stronger community and have an impact on our student's learning. I am keen to always remind colleagues and parents  that our core purpose is to make that positive impact upon our student's learning.

At our recent 3-way conference, several parents caught me to say hello and to inform me of their happiness, their experiences and of the great learning that their son/daughter is experiencing. This feedback is lovely and very much appreciated.  At our IBPYP Exhibition several parents highlighted how impressed they were with the quality and depth of the Year 6 work which is a culmination of their time in Lower School.  It makes our school such a vibrant, active and friendly place. Thank you, and if any of you want to send me an email with your comments again for our website, it would be much appreciated - 


Next Year
Several parents have recently asked which classes their children will be in next year. At the heart of the process is the student's learning. As an International school we know that next year we expect between 15 and 30 new students starting across the school. They will be joining classes in September and the months beyond. This means that predicting the classes can be hard. Next year we have decided that we will be combining the current two Year 5 classes into a Year 6 class. The list below indicates what we think the classes will look like next year at the Lower School:



Art Attack!

Recently Mrs. Boughton launched our Art competitions. The winners of the Rock Around competition are displayed on the left.

Mrs. Boughton completed her art extravaganza this week by hosting a lady called Mrs. Sue Kirk who helped our students work collaboratively to create a Sparky Lion made out of willow. It was our mane event on Thursday! It involved all of the children from the Lower School and we are really proud of it. View our timelapse video from the day please, click here.

Clubs Work

This week was our last week of clubs in the Lower School. Thanks to your children for taking part throughout the year. This term I saw some lovely drawings of emojis in Cartoon Club. I saw Yu scoring the winning goal in Football Club and some great chess in Chess club. I leaned some useful Italian in Italian club thanks to Freddy and saw some fantastic experiments in Science club led by Mrs. Hornshaw.


Summer Fair Success 

 It was great to be part of a lovely community event on Saturday. There are so many lovely, events and fantastic stories. I particularly enjoyed the dog show event which was a new feature this year. I was very impressed with the Upper School band who played some popular music  throughout the Fair and I was really pleased for Saihaj in Year 6 who sold jewellery to raise money for her charity Girls not Brides. Her IBPYP Exhibition focused on inequality, particularly highlighting the inequalities between the sexes and she took further action by raising a remarkable £130 for a worthy cause.


Finally many thanks to parents, volunteers, helpers and the volunteered! who put in so much time and effort, to make our Summer Fair such a success. Early predictions suggest that we raised over £3000! To view more  photos from the day, please click here.


Dog Show

Our first ever dog show was a huge success with entries from parents, students and staff. The RSPCA (Southridge) who judged the show saw dogs of all breeds and sizes. After much deliberation they chose Talin Goklany's Cocker Spaniel Oscar, as the overall winner. Oscar won a gift voucher from Pets at Home.


The event raised £75.40 for the RSPCA and we hope to build upon this success by holding the event again next year.

Year 5 Unit of Inquiry 

Year 5 students have been preparing for their stalls event. This ties into their Unit of Inquiry work on Providing goods and services. As part of their work they have researched a product/service, they have marketed it and will host a stall on Friday, 7th July from 2.40pm. Parents are invited to attend if they wish. It will be in the playground and it should be a great way to demonstrate their learning.

Sports Day

Please remember to take your child's PE kit home on Tuesday as they will need to come straight to the sports field on Wednesday in their PE kit and House coloured top.


  • Safety:  It is particularly important to remind parents to be safe when dropping off their children in the morning. Please ensure that you park in a safe place and that you are aware of other drivers, neighbours, and pedestrians in the area.
  • Holidays: If you are spending some time away from school with your child, you do need to ask permission, and can do so by emailing Mr Parkin.
  • Late for school: If you arrive late at school, please take your child to the office to register, we will then ensure he/she gets to their class. You can also email the school at

Key dates for the remainder of this term

  1. EYFS Cake Sale Friday, 30th at 3.40pm at the Lodge
  2. Arts Depot Show Friday, 30th at 7.00pm 
  3. Our Lower School Sports Day is on Wednesday, 5th July from 9.00am - 2.30pm
  4. Year 5 host their Sales event on Friday, 7th July
  5. Our Prizegiving Day is on Monday, 10th July at 9.00am
  6. End of Year reports are due to be sent out on Monday, 10th July
  7. Tuesday, 11th July is Development Tuesday and the last day of the academic year; school will close at 2.30pm on that day. 

Super Question and Language of the Week

This week our Super Question is Which country won the ICC Champions Trophy? Aadi in Year 3 correctly informed us all that it was Pakistan who beat India in the final. Well done to Aadi who gets a Sparky for being so knowledgeable.


Sparkies finish on Monday, 3rd July and our final question is to answer :  Who won the the Tour De France in 2016?


Have a good weekend.

Matt Parkin
Lower School Principal


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