Friday, 7th July 2017

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IB Exam Success

I would like to join with the Upper School staff in congratulating our Diploma grauates on their outstanding IB results. We are proud that so many of them received the highest grades possible in their subjects and for many the hard work over the past two years has helped them acheive results that have exceeded their expectations. It is gratifying that the effectiveness of the three-way partnership of school, parents and students has been so successful.  You can read more about their Diploma results here.

Thank you!

I was overwhelmed as I came back to the Dwight building after our awards assembly on Tuesday. Fully expecting to go to our weekly chess club, I was invited into the Dwight cafeteria to be welcomed by our Upper School Dwight Parents Association who had taken the trouble to lay on a farewell tea for me. I was just about speechless as I was not expecting this at all despite the covert operations that had been going on to set it up. I cannot thank the members enough for their thoughtful actions and their generosity towards me as I leave Dwight after eight years.

It did give me the opportunity to thank the volunteer members who have given so much to the school. I said, after I recovered my powers of speech, that it has been a joy to work with the parents in this school, who have always respected the boundaries of what is, and what is not, Parent Association business. The meetings have been held in the best of humour and the willingness to be involved and to help the school in the widest possible sense has been tremendous.

So I do thank you all for everything you have done and for making my time at Dwight as enjoyable as it was.

Group 4 Project

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week the D1s were working on their Group 4 project. Their challenge was to build a 30 second Rube Goldberg machine which is an overly complex machine to complete a simple task like flipping a light switch. Like the starting sequence of Back to the Future or Wallace and Gromit.

They were put into cross-science groups to share their experiences and collaborate between the different sciences. They spent the two days brainstorming, trialling ideas and refining the different sections of their machines.

They worked well in their teams working through issues encountered, machine- and group-wise and ended up with inventive machines. When it was time to show off their creations they all ran to completion with the odd helpful nudge. Very well done!


Year 6 Welcome

It was lovely to welcome the Year 6 students to the Upper School today. They were greeted by current M1 & D1 students with a presentation in the hall. Miss Delgado arranged a special programme of activities for the students who appeared to really enjoy the day. They also made new friends with our external M1 applicants who will be joining us in September.

Service as Action - M2's upcycled T-shirt Fashion Show

M2 students talked about fashion and fast-fashion in their French lessons this term. They took on the project to upcycle an old white t-shirt and decorate it using waste products. Students researched messages to write on their t-shirt to raise awareness about fast-fashion, such as Buy less, make it last! They showed their creations to a jury panel ​​on the cat walk and raised awareness about this issue to the school community and they wore their t-shirts for their entire school day.

We hope our students will become conscientious buyers and lead the way for change!

M2 students, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your enthusiasm, creativity, and efforts throughout this entire project. -   Mrs Veschi and Ms Villatte.


Kniitting Squares

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our knitting squares project for the children's hospital in Malawi. I am sure they will be very happy!

If you still have squares for us, please bring them in before the end of this term.



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