Dear Parents and Staff,


I am delighted to write to you today to share the great news of the Dwight School London's 2017 IB Diploma results. Congratulations go to our International Baccalaureate Diploma graduates, who have worked diligently over the past two years and have been rewarded with outstanding results.

In many ways, these results are the best in the School's history. The average points total, of 35.7 is the highest ever at the School, and four of the 21 Diploma students scored more than 40 points, putting them in the top 5% of candidates worldwide. Two students scored 44 points (out of a maximum of 45), a feat only achieved by the top 1% of all IB graduates. Dwight candidates scored grade 7s in all subject areas, and six students received the full 3 marks for the Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay. Three of our students achieved bilingual diplomas; it is a great credit to these students that they completed the IB Diploma in a language that is not their mother tongue.

As an inclusive school, we are proud to have students across the ability range and it has been very satisfying that as well as those who scored the very highest grades many students exceeded their predictions and have achieved grades that will open up opportunities for them to pursue further education in a range of subjects including Law, Engineering, Genetics Economics, Philosophy, Game Design, Musical Theatre, The History of Art and International Relations. Most of our graduates have already confirmed their first-choice places at universities in the UK and abroad and our two Oxbridge candidates have successfully achieved their offers.

Thanks must also go to the families of the students who have supported and encouraged them throughout their school days, and the teachers and other members of staff at Dwight who have nurtured, cajoled, mentored, taught and guided the students not just during the Diploma programme, but for all their years at Dwight, which for some students extends well back into the Early Years Programme.


We are thrilled and proud of these results, but an IB education cannot be summed up with numbers alone; the programme cultivates young adults who are prepared not only for university, but for the world beyond. I am particularly proud to know that these graduates are young men and women who are confident, compassionate and internationally minded and fully expect them to make a positive impact wherever their journeys take them. We wish them all every success, and look forward to hearing about their successes and sharing them with you in the future.

Best wishes

Alison Cobbin

Head of School


Dwight School London

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