Friday, 8th September 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Welcome to a new school year and to all the new families that are joining us this term.


This week has mostly been about re-establishing routines, building relationships and finding out about the children.

This week we:

  • encouraged the children to explore their new environment and make choices about where they wanted to play.
  • drew self-portraits after reading a story called This is my face.
  • attempted to make labels for our coat pegs by writing or mark-making.
  • learnt about the importance of using scissors safely as children do have free access to scissors so it is one of the first safety lessons we teach them!
  • had a snipping tray so that the children could practise their cutting and snipping skills.
  • revisited our vegetable patch and dug up the potatoes and onions. We then cooked the potatoes and mashed them up.
  • made playdough, measuring out the ingredients carefully and mixing them together.
  • enjoyed rolling cars and balls down tubes.
  • built a pirate ship in the garden and made maps to find treasure.
  • learnt our first Write Dance song/dance.



  • Counted to 10 and beyond, Each child had a chance to count as high as they could
    Sang counting songs - please click on the link to direct you to a youtube video of the songs. Please supervise your children at all times when they are using YouTube:
  • Played a game where we chose an action, rolled a die and then performed that action that number of times. For example: clap 4 times, stamp your feet 5 times.
  • Enjoyed their first P.E lesson and did a great job listening to and following instructions.

 Next Week

We will begin our Unit of Inquiry about Journeys by assessing what the children know already. If you use a different language at home, please explain that we will be talking about journeys at school next week.


As the weather is getting wetter, please ensure that your child has a pair of boots at school as we play outside in all weather, thank you!

 Action Homework

Talk to your child about their first week at school. What are the names of their teachers and friends? What did they enjoy playing? Can they remember a song?


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